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Fascinating question. Here are mine.

1. Daily Bugle/The Pulse - I have always been a big fan of the character of Ben Urich. He was one of the stars of the Pulse (honestly, the more interesting in my opinion), but I would borrow the name from the 1997 mini series.

I think looking at the more ground level through an aging reporter in a rapidly changing industry is always great. You kind of had it with Front Line, but it was too tied to the events themselves, and had way too much SAlly Floyd.

2. Man-Thing - One of the really annoying choices Marvel made, and no one talks about, over the last few years was having R.L. Stine write Man-Thing.

Man-Thing was at its best almost like a Vertigo book. I think they should embrace that idea. Set up some very loose parameters, and let creators tell really interesting stories in a book that lacks traditional genre separations. It was always kind of a back-door anthology in the first place, with Man-Thing only occasional as the main character.

I would even kick it off by choosing a writer who they should have chosen instead of Stine, Stephen King. A writer who has shown to have a respect for comics, in known for playing with genres, writes character studies, and could bring in large numbers of readers willing to give it a try.

3. New Warriors - I know, I know, those solicits for the upcoming series don;t look great. That is why I would go to an alternate reality. In this one the original Warriors have all ages into adults.

Thrash is married and remembering the friends that reopened him up to this kind of life, on the verge of having his first child. Nova wants to return to Earth. Nita is an Atlantean Ambassador. Vance an Avenger who had found the father figure he wanted in his GoG self, and fell into a deep depression after he died. Firestar is retired from the biz and divorced. They are trying to help each other through their life problems and reconnect, all while trying to find a place int he world again and face the facts that the relationships with their other Warriors was a foundation they needed in their lives.

Speedball wants to put it all behind him. Thinks it was kid stuff. However, there is a new young Speedball that pops up and starts helping the Warriors. They are convinced it is Robbie's teenage son, and Vance becomes worried that given Robbie's dislike for the life he is abusing his son... not unlike happened to him, and emotionally a bit Robbie himself. However, the younger Speedball is Robbie himself, a part of himself he repressed in an attempt to grow up.

4. Amazing Fantasy - It is really weird how Marvel has abandoned so many non-superhero comics. Bring back the anthologies, and since Amazing (adult) Fantasy was Stan's favorite why not that one?

Horror, sci-fi, monster, fantasy, all under one roof. Have a standard on the type of stories it can tell. Mix in old, current, and new writers would make up the stories.

I am thinking it being like the Warren books of the 70s in terms of tone and variety. A real playground for creators, as well as a way to test new creators and give beloved ones a place to tell stories.

If you kept it (mostly) in continuity it could create a lot richer Marvel Universe.

5. What If...? - But not the usual pick a point and see how it could diverge. No. Just a series of one and done alternate reality stories that star Marvel characters.

6. Marvel Premiere - I feel that this was a better way to introduce and test new characters than just giving them their own series off the bat.

7. Untold Tales of Spider-Man - Excepet from across the character's history, not just the 60s stuff. Or, maybe set in the era that is the 70s/80s to us. Really take advantage of that gritty New York vibe.

8. Marvel the Lost Generation - There are just a lot of great stories that can be told with those characters.

9. Falcon - This would just be a maxi-series. Sam is a great character, and they have tried so many times to give him Just write one really good, character defining story that can only be told with Sam as Falcon. Just give one of Marvel's great characters some respect.

I don;t mind Sam as Cap conceptually, and it WILL happen again to sync up with the movies. However, I think before that happens the Falcon iconography should be shown to mean something.

10. The Torch - A mini series from a few years back Starring the original Human Torch. Let's bring back one of Marvel's O.G. superhero, complete with PKD type thoughts on what it means to be human, and some sci-fi adventures.

11. Thing - Ben Grimm traveling across the Earth, cosmos, and dimensions as a sort of rock-skinned ronin. fighting all forms of trouble with his unique experience.

That is it for now.

My apologies, a few more.

12. Monsters on the Prowl - Something examining why all the giant monsters, alien invasions, and other stuff from before F.F. #1 either doesn't happen anymore... or in some cases seemingly forgotten. There is a great story there.

13. Agents of Atlas - I just loved that Jeff Parker series. I know, there is a new one, but I think it misses the chemistry of the old team. And Gorilla Man, that guy is great.

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