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My apologies, a few more.

12. Monsters on the Prowl - Something examining why all the giant monsters, alien invasions, and other stuff from before F.F. #1 either doesn't happen anymore... or in some cases seemingly forgotten. There is a great story there.

13. Agents of Atlas - I just loved that Jeff Parker series. I know, there is a new one, but I think it misses the chemistry of the old team. And Gorilla Man, that guy is great.

A mini series that deals with Jim hammond that takes place in the present but with flash backs to his origins of him learning how to be human in both eras.

Also as I recall in the MU, he has the Medal of Honor for roasting A.H. in his bunker at the end of the war. A.H. was reaching for a red button when he got fried.....but they never stated what that button was for as I recall, presumably a destruct button but perhaps there is a story around that....some type of last resort doomsday weapon like a super robot like the Red Skull's sleeper robots?

Machine Man: a series that follows up with the current 2020 gimmick in the Iron Man books

Ant-Man and the Wasp: a sub plot has Pym split from Ultron and finally decides to dedicate his life to the ultimate destruction of Ultron

The Phantom Rider: Hamilton Slade was shot and killed in the Hawkeye/Mockingbird mini a few years back and the spirits of Carter (the good Rider) and Lincoln ( the insane one) were sent into the ether....hamilton's daughter was full of hate towards Mockingbird that Lincoln exploited and made her into a corrupt new Phantom Rider.....but what if Hamilton has more then one kid and that kid is the next one chosen to be the new Phantom Rider....sibling Rider warfare and the new Phantom Rider must also make sure Lincoln is forever contained....

Werewolf by Night

Tomb of Dracula

The Spaceknights......they can't use ROM, but Marvel owns all other Spaceknights and Galador....

The Nova Corps.....about time Marvel rebuilds the Corps, presuming they haven't already, haven't kept up