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Subj: Re: marvel's next sales gimmick: ENTER THE PHOENIX
Posted: Mon Sep 21, 2020 at 12:14:23 pm EDT (Viewed 61 times)
Reply Subj: Re: marvel's next sales gimmick: ENTER THE PHOENIX
Posted: Sat Sep 19, 2020 at 11:01:11 am EDT (Viewed 118 times)

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    Heroes around the world get imbued with some phoenix power and in the end there shall be a new host for the Phoenix.

    So here come the Phoenix inspired gimmick variant covers as we are all supposed to bet on who it will be.

    Well I am confident that it wont be:

    1. Any founding member of the Fantastic Four

TBH, I wouldn't mind most of them. A Phoenix Sue might be interesting for a while. Johnny upgrade? Even Ben, maybe.

On a related note: Frankie Raye is still walking around not being used somewhere. This might be a direction I would go.

    2. The Hulk or She Hulk

She-Hulk's trying to get restarted. Don't think they would do this.

    3. captain America

Oh, the irony!!! Would Marvel troll X-Fans this much?! Wait a sec...

    4. Doctor Doom, giving this guy cosmic powers at all is like leaving a lit match next to a case of dynamite

    5. Tony Stark

    6. Any of the founding Avengers at all, unless Phoenix decides to restore Hank Pym, purge him of his insanity and Ultron fusion.

A plot I could see is Pymtron trying to claim the Phoenix, and Hank getting restored when it fails. Fiery waspy wings might look neat. Let's face it, 90% of a good Phoenix is design aesthetic.

Hank and Jan are really the only two of the founders that have really lost their gimmicks, imo. They could use something.

    7. I highly doubt it will be anyone from Asgard, though Phoenix could be the Deus Ex Machina that restores classic THOR, ODIN and Asgard (please!)

Asgard just dealt with Phoenix.

    8.Carol Danvers, legend was that she was going to be the phoenix in the first place but editorial changed it to Jean, so later Carol gets depowered as Ms Marvel and comes back as Binary

I don't think she needs it or anything else tacked onto her.

    9. Sub Mariner? not likely. That would be about as bad as Doom being the new host

Been there. Done that. It didn't go well. The host is supposed to be someone new.

    10. Cant really see any of the X-men becoming the new host, but Jean Grey may decide that things are out of hand and reclaim the Phoenix.

Future Wolverine (from the recent Thor story) was a Phoenix host. Hint?

    Nope it will likely be some low level Tier 2 or Tier 3 character that we barely know of or care little about or some all new host unless Jean takes it back.

One word: WANDA! Would Marvel troll X-Fans this much?! Oh, they just might. >:)

She's kinda sorta got red hair, a little... and Phoenix loves redheaded bombshells.

Think that the Cheetah when done right is very capable foe, as has a god behind her, and should be physically equal to WW!

Diana villains seem to work best when darkseid and Circe and ares, as gods and goddesses...

She is hard to match up good villains for her, as nearly supes powerful, but with none of his known weaknesses, so maybe more in realm of magical beings?

Her rogues should overlap some with Shazam, as BA should be a powerful foil to her!

How about peter parker?

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