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I just felt like adding my pennyworth into this conversation. The truth is that when Babylon 5 first came out I felt like it was an underdone show, poor sets and panto acting but I came to the show in Season 4 and quicky rewatched all the show from Season 4 on. Once you get to love Londo and G'Kar as well as get to enjoy Garibaldi falling out with Sheridan, well you are taken with it.

Shame the final season was so hit and miss.

I always found the 'war room' with its cardboard map pretending to be screens and the sense the walls could fall down at any moment annoying, but take a look at the interrogation episodes with Sheridan and Garibaldi realising he has betrayed his friend and can't kill Bester no much how he wants to... Or at Londo giving in and being fitted with his 'keeper'. How could anyone doubt the quality of some of the ingredients even if the whole was sometimes pompous and cheap.

Babylon 5 always had budget issues, so yes some of the sets looked a bit cardboard.

As to the cast:

Michael O'Hare: Commander Sinclair/Valen the man had health issues, specifically he suffered paranoid delusions and was medicated a lot and had to tough it out through many of his scenes. Sinclair though was an insightful leader at times and his destiny/life was a circle that could not be broken.

Also his abrupt removal from the show was cause for many plot rewrites and adjustments but I was glad he returned for the Season 3 two parter that wrapped his destiny.

Walter Keonig as Bester: excellent performance when he appeared, he was the character you loved to hate and wanted to see killed but also wanted to keep on coming back. Also his character was a great example of the "master race" mentality of the psi corps.

Also the whole telepath vs humans plot arc was well done.

The Vorlons: your typical cryptic alien race, that thinks that what they do is the best for all, and the Shadows feel the same way but they are polar opposites to each other.

Also, unlike Star Trek, in Babylon 5 actions tend to have consequences and sometimes severe consequences that one cannot walk away from.

Captain Picard: becomes Locutus and then helps wipe out the Federation at Wolf 359 and nearly conquered the human race. he is rescued and de-borged and is allowed by the Federation to reclaim his Captaincy of the Enterprise.......

In Babylon 5: Sheridan leads an insurrection against the govt. of Earth. Now yes that same government was corrupted and out of control and had instituted things like loyalty checks and the Nightwatch (McCarthyism and nazi mentality combined), the Psi Corp is given unprecedented authority and power, aliens are unwelcomed and civilains were being killed by the military. Sheridan and his forces save the Earth and save the day, but half the Generals wanted to shoot him for treason and other half wanted to give him the medal of honor. IF wasn't for some fast talking and deal making, I have no doubt Sheridan would have been executed for treason, instead he has to retire to ensure amensty for him and his crew and once it was learned he was the new President of the new Alliance they wanted to rip up the amnesty.

Season 5 of Babylon 5 was hit and miss due to JMS not being sure if he would get a Season 5 hence wrapping the major plot points in Season 4.

Overall Babylon 5 was superior to Star Trek DS9 by far.

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