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Subj: Here's an idea: Darkman vs. the Terminator!
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Reply Subj: Re: Anyone remember DARKMAN ?
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I saw it in the theater. It was cheesy but fun. I think Liam Neeson was still perfecting his American accent. A lot of the movie's elements I would write off as very mediocre but there is some sense of fun and visual style that makes me like it. The two sequels were much more mediocre and didn't do much for me (although I did by the trilogy DVD set when it was at Walmart for $10). I remember seeing a preview of the Marvel Comics "sequel" where for example the crime boss who gets his fingers cut off at the beginning of the movie comes back with robotic hands. I didn't see the rest of the story. "Darkman Vs. Army of Darkness" from Dynamite Comics a few years back wasn't that amazing either but it was a diverting trifle.

Think about it, Skynet develops skin for the 800 series so they can infiltrate.....and Darkman is working on synthetic skin.

Skynet wants Darkman's formula for analysis and SKYNET could perfect the formula to avoid the 99 minute barrier.

Still I enjoy all three Darkman movies, they are a homage to The Shadow and they have that "pulp" feel to them.