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Reply Subj: In honor of the banner: Who was your favorite 80s Pro Wrestler?
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MR. PERFECT Curt Hennig (RIP) hands down for me. The greatest intercontinental champion of all time! My reasons are thus:

-Unparalleled wrestling skills; just a great athlete. You should youtube his three matches against Hitman because they are phenomenal.

-Great Performer. Mr. P could really sell it! Arrogance, pain, pride, humor, talking the talk on the mic. . .he had it all. And he never missed hitting his gum when he spit it out of his mouth. Also, pretty handy with a towel. Absolutely Perfect.

-Best theme music ever. Epic!

-Best short TV spots. All those bits with him outdoing famous athletes at their own sport were hilarious and classic!

-Even though he was technically a heel, you still liked the guy because of his humor, confidence, and good sportsmanship when he'd shake a guys a hand after a fantastic match.

Some of my favs back then include Junkyard Dog, Roddy Piper and Jake the Snake. But I remember that my hands down favorite was Kevin Von Erich. His brothers David and Kerry were pretty good too. I especially liked their 6 man tags with the Fabulous Freedbirds.

But Kevin was definitely number 1. His match against Harley Race where he nearly won the title with one arm is among my fav matches of all time.

Such a tragedy what happened to that family. I believe Kevin is the only of the four brothers still alive. Sad.