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Subj: Re: Remember TIME TRAX ?
Posted: Tue Oct 22, 2013 at 11:32:54 am EDT (Viewed 59 times)
Reply Subj: Remember TIME TRAX ?
Posted: Tue Oct 22, 2013 at 02:36:21 am EDT (Viewed 103 times)

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The show about the cop from the 22nd century coming back to stop his arch nemesis and all other criminals from his century sent back to his proper time?

Interesting show, Darien Lambert has his credit card shaped super computer and his keyfob shaped weapon that can stun or prep targets for the return time jump.

The limits of the Time Trax machine was that the person had to take a dose of a special drug to keep them from dying from the time radiation, however a person could only take 3 doses or be poisoned, so one does to travel back and one to return and can never time jump again.

The machine had a range of only 200 years.

The machine could only send people or things back to a PARALLEL timeline and as such no actions taken in the past can change their future. However there is a major logic error with this as Darien Lambert would communicate with his timeline via personal ads in the newspaper and they would somehow receive them and send messages back to him via the Trax machine. If it were a parallel timeline, then should they not be able to receive the messages?

Also Darien would at times nudge events in the 20th century based on his future knowledge. One time he saved a politician who in his timeline would become the first black President. At the end of the episode Lambert called him "Mr. President" and left his office, the guy paused and then looked out the window at the White House.......

Parallel timeline? Maybe. Paradox fulfillment?

I really liked this show and I tried to find episodes of it on DVD or netflix. But alas it is lost in the past just like Darren Lambert.

I don't remember them ever saying it was a parallel past? But I haven't seen every episode.

There is a show on TV currently call Continuum which has almost the same plot as Time Trax, only it's a female cop who has gone back to the past with criminals she has to track down.