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Subj: Re: Yeah Wrestler's do have it rough in the end
Posted: Wed Oct 23, 2013 at 12:10:17 pm CDT (Viewed 134 times)
Reply Subj: Yeah Wrestler's do have it rough in the end
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The stories may be fake and poorly written (hornswaggle as McMahon's son? eeessshhhhh!) and the moves are choreographed but they pay for it with all the steroid abuse.

Remember how Vince McMahon looked in the 80's? A toothpick with hair now he's been bald and musclebound for years.....nah....no steroids there.

How many Ultimate Warriors were there? The original is still alive as I recall and doing somewhat well in terms of health but weren't there some temp Warriors?

I remember one Saturday Night Main Event where Mr Fuji bragged that SUper Ninja One was great wrestler, easy defeat the ultimate warrior, etc etc. The match begins and Ultimate Warrior stomps and pounds Super Ninja One into defeat in about a minute.

Roddy Piper is still around but I think his health problems are Hodgkins Lymphoma and not tied into steroid use.....though I suspect steroids didn't help.

Ricky the Dragon Steamboat is still around.

Seriously though, Hulk Hogan who I hear is a bit hard up for cash these days, needs to secretly chat with other surviving wrestlers and start getting a tell all book written and just blow the blasted whistle on Vince McMahon and bring the house down.

What Hogan and all the other survivors SHOULD do is try to CHANGE wrestling, as opposed to END wrestling. There's still a huge market for it in terms of viewership and merchandising, and just because Hogan got HIS is no reason for the next generation not to be able to get theirs.

They should just get it so they can live to enjoy what they get.