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We haven't had an X-Files thread yet, so I figure we're due!

Did you watch it? Were you addicted to it? Did you like the 1998 film? Do you feel the mythology made sense? Did you like Mulder and Scully as a romantic couple or would you have preferred they stayed Platonic? Do you think the Smoking Man was well handled as a concept? What bugged you about the series?

I was a huge fan of the show until the sixth season. Season five ended with the X-Files burned and it led into the movie. And then season six started and somehow through the magic of science Mulder was able to reconstruct the x-files. I thought that was a crock.

And then the bee that had stung Scully in the movie, this crucial piece of physical evidence that could prove the conspiracy existed, disappeared. Bad enough that happened, but it was even worse that Scully must have known it was probably going to disappear based on five years worth of dealing with the conspiracy, and then even worse after that that Mulder would make a fool of himself without first making sure all his ducks were in a row. The number of literary hoops they had to jump through to basically undo the progress the movie made were amazing.

I hated the X-Files after that and gave up on it. It was spinning it's wheels at this point because rather than telling a good story with a satisfactory ending Fox wanted to keep the show on the air indefinitely.