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      Mulder tried and always failed. He would get somewhere then he would screwed over or his father would get murdered or his sister would come back from the dead and turn out to be a clone or he would get an alien virus or Scully would find an alien fetus but have to give up to save Mulder's life or Scully's genetically engineered daughter would die and her body would vanish.


        They weren't incompetent...there was just no way Mulder and Scully were ever going to win. The conspiracy had more resources than they did. There was never a chance to actually win against the conspiracy.

    And you see, that is not how I remembered that first episode of season six. Five years and one movie the two understood the conspiracy's SOP and yet they fell right into their old patterns; Mulder made a speech, looks like a fool. Scully turns in key evidence despite key evidence disappearing on her before, and guess what? The bee disappears.

    The conspiracy could be thwarted, it could be beaten. The movie proved that. Hell, the conspirators got wiped out by those aliens with the sewn up orifices. In order for the show to be perpetuated, however, Mulder and Scully had to be written less intelligently as we had seen, as people who did not learn from their mistakes.

Like you said the conspirators got wiped out by the aliens...that was really the only time Scully and Mulder got a triumph over the conspirators...and it wasn't even their triumph.

I seem to remember them faking Mulder's death in a season finale to smoke out someone in the conspiracy. I just don't buy that were particularly incompetent.

Ok I guess Mulder trusting Diana Fowley & Marita Covarrubias was dumb. It seems like every season either Mulder or Scully learned someone they were close with were complicit in the conspiracy.