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Subj: Re: Smells Like Teen Spirit- 90s Music Fun 30: Mega Hits...
Posted: Mon Apr 21, 2014 at 03:40:25 pm EDT (Viewed 34 times)
Reply Subj: Smells Like Teen Spirit- 90s Music Fun 30: Mega Hits...
Posted: Fri Apr 18, 2014 at 11:30:37 pm EDT (Viewed 67 times)

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For the 30th 90s Music Fun I decided to pull out all the stops and play the biggest and most mega hits from the 90s. Some might say these songs were overplayed. And they'd probably be right. \:\)

As a bonus I've also included some parodies of some of the songs.

Smells Like Teen Spirit




Enter Sandman

Nine Inch Nails (Warning lots of cursing)

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Under the Bridge


Man on the Moon

Eric Clapton
Tears in Heaven

Bonus Parodies

Weird Al
Smells Like Nirvana

Ben Stiller
Lucky Clovers

Nine Inch Nails (Warning the same cursing as before)
Closer (Super Mario Mix)


Interesting mix. Nevermind is probably the only grunge album i ever liked and of course SLTS was my intro to them. One is another great U2 song. Oasis didnt move me. Now Enter Sandman and Metallica blew my doors off! I pretty much like everything they did until somewhere post year 2000. N.I.N. was blah to me but to be fair I never listened to them much. Under the Bridge is a great song made even better if you know the story behind it. I like T.R.H.C.P. in general especially when they rock. Man on the Moon is not a favorite but R.E.M. sure is like U2 I love the message and sound of their material. Tears In Heaven is such a sad song because of the story behind it and while it is a sentimental favorite it's not Clapton gold. The Weird Al parody is one of his best. Not familiar with the last two.