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Subj: Re: Babylon 5: here's a question to ponder
Posted: Fri May 30, 2014 at 12:47:44 am EDT (Viewed 8 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Babylon 5: here's a question to ponder
Posted: Thu May 29, 2014 at 01:54:52 pm EDT (Viewed 56 times)

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    So here is the question: since the Vorlons clearly mind scanned Valen in the past and thus knew what was to come and how things MUST happen as Valen/Sinclair's memories indicated or else time would drastically alter, and since there were Vorlons aboard the Mimbari ship during the battle of the line, DID THE VORLONS give Delenn a little telepathic push to pick Sinclair's ship as the one to be taken and scanned?

Do the Vorlons have the ability to give telepathic pushes? If so, then yes, I think it very likely they would have done so.

    The Vorlons knew that if Sinclair died the future and the past would alter due to time paradox and the Shadows would be too strong to defeat. So wouldn't they actively work behind the scenes to ensure that Sinclair stayed alive?

Yes I think they would.

The full power of the Vorlons and Shadows was never revealed, but telepathy definitely was among them and the Shadows were great at putting subtle twists to people's minds to get them to serve.

Given that the Vorlons knew of Sinclair/Valen and what would happen if he died before taking B4 back and becoming Valen, I can't see them not doing something to ensure he was the one chosen to be tested by the Mimbari.

The Vorlons were great at standing around acting cryptic but who knows what they were up to at times.

Remember the Season 1 episode when Kosh met up with his old friend who was basically a human emotion recorder and had Talia Winters moderate their conference which was basically talking nonsense. It was all to get a recording of Talia's mind. I think per JMS, the abandoned plot point from that was to get a copy of Talia's mind to reboot her persona after the hidden persona in her was triggered.

However I was glad they instead got Lyta Alexander back. Then of course the Vorlons juiced up her telepathic powers so that by the end of Season 5 she was basically Jean Grey/Phoenix.

Also of note was that Kosh once stated that everyone would recognize him if he left his suit. When he saved Sheridan everone did see him as an angelic being of their respective race, except Londo who was shadow tainted at the time. Kosh then had to disappear to recover for a time and stated it was a drain on him. Telepathic image projection, I would say. We never saw the Vorlon's true form until it was time to kill the replacement Vorlon.

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