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Subj: Re: Music Fun 35!
Posted: Fri May 30, 2014 at 10:55:02 pm EDT (Viewed 5 times)
Reply Subj: Music Fun 35!
Posted: Fri May 30, 2014 at 10:39:53 am EDT (Viewed 101 times)

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    Good morning, and welcome to the weekend once again! I've got a bunch of videos fer ye dis morning, along with several requests! Let's get to THOSE first! \:\)

    Paste Pot Pete writes:
    I watched the video today and it's such a classic, you have to play Paul Simon - You Can Call Me Al.

    Whispering Hands writes:
    How about a request for The Valley Road by Bruce Hornsby?

    Nose Norton writes:
    I'd like to request Sally MacLennane by the Pogues. It's not a song or band I knew of in the 80's, but I became very fond of them in the 90's.

    All right, gentlemen! Here are your requests! \:\)

Love this video, one of the best tunes from the 80s.

Thanks for the request, I never really understood what this song was about and the video confuses me further.

I used to listen to these guys quite a bit. I can't recall if I've heard this before but I liked it. I wish they had put out more albums.

    Thanks for the requests, fellas! And I want you ALL to remember, I will play ONE request from each of you a week, but you can request songs in as MANY weeks in a row as you wish, and I'll play all the requests I get! Now, it's MY turn... \:\)

Great tune, I've always liked their sound. It's got a New Wave feel for sure but it's very distinct at the same time. Their lead singer has a great voice as well.

This one always gets stuck in your head. Believe it or not I don't think I have ever watched Footloose in its entirety.

Very cool tune, hadn't heard this one before. Always good to hear some Buckingham on that guitar.

Catchy song, a real epic 80s kind of ballad.

I haven't heard this in a bit. I almost forgot is was even by Hall and Oates actually. I noticed G.E. Smith in the video on the guitar. Didn't know he played with them I just recall him being the lead guitarist for the SNL band in the 90s.

Since I'm thinking about Men At Work how about a request for It's a Mistake for next time?