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Subj: Re: Babylon 5: here's a question to ponder
Posted: Mon Jun 02, 2014 at 02:16:01 am EDT (Viewed 3 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Babylon 5: here's a question to ponder
Posted: Sat May 31, 2014 at 04:05:14 am EDT (Viewed 45 times)

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    I have read that theory before that basically states there was, will and must always be a Valen to fight the shadows 1000 years ago and that whomever she chose would be Valen.

I think this is a cool thought but I can't go along with it. What if the person chosen had been some goofball? Sinclair had important personal characteristics.

    The one thing that breaks that theory though is that in Season 1, Sinclair was shown a glimpse of the dark future from the Centauri psychic of B5 being destroyed and a shuttle escaping at the last minute. Then when B4 appeared, we get another look of that same future that shows Sinclair and Garibaldi fighting the shadows on the station, Garibaldi tells him there is a shuttle waiting for him and that the fusion reactors are set to blow. Sinclair is swept away by the tide of evacuees and we see his shuttle escaping as the station blows up.

    Then in Season 3 we see yet more of the dark future as Ivanova is on the wrecked bridge sending that distress call. Sheridan was dead, the reactors were set to blow, etc.

I agree the dark future implies there might never have been a Valen.

    So, I think the better theory is that the Vorlons helped nudge things a bit and used their powers to ensure Sinclair was chosen, thus keeping the paradox/temporal circle intact.

    Sinclair was, is and always will be Valen and he had, will, and always be the one to take B4 back in time.

The drama is more satisfying if Sinclair's personal characteristics matter.

    To be honest, I wouldn't mind seeing a Babylon 5 TV movie or miniseries that shows the war of 1000 years ago and we see Valen in action. Sadly the role would need to be recast but I suspect it would make for an interesting tale.

It's too bad they never got around to this when the show was still on TV.

Agreed, Sinclair was a peaceful warrior, he knew how to fight and how to NOT fight and could inspire others, and even maintain diplomacy with certain hostile Mimbari.

It's too bad that Michael O'Hare was such a sick man and had to be replaced, I think the original plan was that the show would be bookended with the last episode being Sinclair stealing B4 to fulfill his destiny in the past after defeating the Shadows in the present.

But due to his being paranoid-schizoid and medication not always working, he and JMS agreed he should go. If memory serves it took a lot to get him back for the two parter in Season 3 that wrapped his character.

Getting him back at the time for a Valen series or a movie would have been near impossible given his condition.

But nowadays with better FX tech and JMS at the helm, a B4 movie or miniseries that tells more about Valen could be done. Recast the role of course but I'm sure someone could do a good job.

Or at least get B5 onto BLURAY!

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