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Subj: Re: Topic of the Week- Tim Burton- Batman....
Posted: Tue Apr 21, 2015 at 09:34:49 pm EDT (Viewed 118 times)
Reply Subj: Topic of the Week- Tim Burton- Batman....
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Seeing "Birdman" the other week got me thinking.

Why is/was Tim Burton's 1989 Batman film so great?

To this day I still love it and yet Michael Keaton wasn't quite right for the part and Jack Nicholson was practically chewing the scenery he was overacting so much.

So my follow-up question is, was Batman only great back then or is it still great now? and why?


I think it's still great. I'm sure nostalgia plays a bit of a role in me thinking that, but I also think it is just a good movie. I loved Jack Nicholson as the Joker and even though he was a little small for the role, I still think Keaton did an amazing job, both as Bruce Wayne and as Batman. Some of my favorite elements are the music and the atmosphere and tone of the movie though. I think the music was great and very powerful. I still think about the music that's played at the beginning of the movie whenever I see the dvd cover or the yellow Bat symbol on shirts(man were those huge back in the 90s, and I still occasionally see them to this day). And as much as I liked the Nolan trilogy, it certainly did not have the awesome atmosphere and the great visuals of Gotham City that the 89 movie had. Even all the things that you knew were fake and all the comic booky elements seemed real and were captured really well. I think Batman 89 is just a fun movie and I think it gives you the pure, popcorn eating, movie going experience.