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Subj: Re: This Week's Banner- Who else loves the Usual Suspects?...
Posted: Tue May 05, 2015 at 11:50:08 am EDT (Viewed 76 times)
Reply Subj: Re: This Week's Banner- Who else loves the Usual Suspects?...
Posted: Mon May 04, 2015 at 10:11:33 pm EDT (Viewed 56 times)

    Let me spoil this movie and I'm going to go ahead and spoil The Sixth Sense too for anyone who hasn't seen these movies.









    So with The Sixth Sense, unfortunately the twist ending was spoiled for me before I ever saw it, depriving me of knowing if I would have figured it out myself or not. When I finally saw it, it starts out with a scene of Bruce Willis getting shot and it looks like it would probably be fatal. So in the next scene he is fine and they make no mention of it. Even if I hadn't known that he is a ghost I would have been wondering what is going on? So would I have figured it out on my own? Would I have noticed that he never shares dialogue with any other characters, only listens in on conversations? Or talks to them without getting a response? It seemed fairly obvious to me when I already knew the answer, how obvious would it have been if I hadn't known? I'll always be curious.

    So The Usual Suspects I saw without knowing what the twist ending was, but I think I knew there was a twist ending, so I was probably looking for it. But here's how the movie unfolded: There's a massacre on a boat, right? And the police round up 5 suspects that were fleeing from the scene. They know that one of them did it but they don't know which one. But I knew which one, because on the boat you don't see the killer but you hear him speak and you can tell that the voice belongs to Kevin Spacey, am I wrong? I haven't seen this movie in a long time but I remember that being very clear. So when we meet the 5 suspects and we see that Spacey is there and he's handicapped and therefore can't possibly be the killer, I said well of course he's faking. And I watched the rest of the movie wondering what the twist would be and at the end, the twist turns out to be that the killer is Kevin Spacey and he's faking his handicap. I thought well so what, I knew that 15 minutes into the movie! So for that reason I wasn't all that impressed and haven't seen it since. It's a great cast, I should probably watch it again, I'm sure it's a fine drama. I just didn't get swerved by the ending so some of the effect was lost.

I was surprised by both of these.

I don't remember hearing Kevin Spacey's voice in the beginning, but who knows.

It also never crossed my mind about Bruce Willis not talking to other people. I just didn't think of it. And I thought he must have survived the gunshots, I mean he was there walking around. Then as the movie went on I forgot all about it.

I was also surprised at the end of Fight Club.

Maybe I'm just not so smart. \:\)


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