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Subj: Re: WHich version of Dreadstar as your favorite?
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Reply Subj: WHich version of Dreadstar as your favorite?
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1. When he first appeared he wore the dark hoodie outfit with gun belt and of course had his sword.

2. After his hoodie outfit was wrecked his next suit was more of the traditional spandex variety and he still had his sword,

3. Lord Papal vs. Dreadstar: Papal wins by shattering the sword which nearly kills Dreadstar. Syzygy makes contact with the sword's sentience and merges it with Dreadstar. Now he is more cosmic in terms of power and his eyes are now golden in color as a side effect. This made him very similar to Captain Mar-Vell for a time.

4. Dreadstar defeats Papal and is comatose for 2 years due to injuries while he regenerates. he awakes but has lost some power including the power to fly and his energy draining power is enhanced to the point where he can't use any ray guns as he drains them dry upon contact.

5. After going to a new galaxy and getting wrapped up in yet another war, Dreadstar contacts the power within him and taps its full power to recreate his sword albeit with some changes. Shattering it will hurt him but not kill him like before, when he has it absorbed into himself his regeneration and absorption powers are online and augmented, when he has the sword in hand all his power was shifted to attack.

Also any similarity between Lord Papal and THANOS is purely coincidental ;\)

Same with Syzygy Darklock and Adam Warlock. Two tormented characters that knew their future and their fate and were trapped by it. Both went out with a bang, fulfilling their destiny and being at peace.

Warlock knew he had months to live after changing reality to avoid becoming the Magus, he meets his end against THANOS and later arises to turn him to stone. Syzygy was fated to destroy the 12 "gods' of the Instrumentality and one of them was fated to destroy him at the same time. He fulfills his destiny and perishes.

I think Dreadstar looked best with the blue hood. It was a nice combination of pulp era sci-fi and fantasy. I think Starlin making him look more like a super hero when he did was a mistake, because it took away part of what made Dreadstar unique.