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Subj: Re: New banner by Superman's Pal! I've been thinking about this comic lately.
Posted: Fri Apr 28, 2017 at 10:57:54 am EDT (Viewed 104 times)
Reply Subj: Re: New banner by Superman's Pal! I've been thinking about this comic lately.
Posted: Thu Apr 27, 2017 at 03:23:44 pm EDT (Viewed 96 times)


      So you think the juxtaposition of Cage as black kid from the streets and Rand as white kid of privilege was the point of the team-up? Do you think casting an Asian to play Danny as suggested by the TV critics would have missed the point?

    I don't that was the point of them teaming up but rather it became an obvious part of the comic.

Which is what I'd expect. Say you're a writer and your editor asks you (or tells you) to write a comic about Cage and Iron Fist partnering up. What's your angle going to be? Seems to me the street black/very privileged white dichotomy would be too juicy to pass up.

What I love about things like this is how they drive stories forever after - to everyone's joy. Editorial says to write a comic about Cage and Iron Fist - and from that moment on, these two characters become iconic buddies, and they stay precisely that to this day. Kirk and Spock, Sisko and Dax, Skywalker and Solo, Frodo and Sam, Gandalf and Bilbo - and yes, Cage and Iron Fist.

    I had always thought that Claremont brought Iron Fist over a pet character of his but Wikipedia states that the pairing was an attempt to save both characters from total cancellation.

A ploy which worked pretty well, as the book lasted for 75 issues, which is a decent run.

    Blaxploitation and Bruce Lee were very popular in the early 70's but must've waned a bit by '77 causing less interest in these titles.

I never understood why kung-fu went out of style. But I also have never understood what "blaxploitation" really is, despite reading articles about it. The word sounds negative, yet I watched the movie Shaft and there's nothing derogatory in that film. Quite the opposite. The character Shaft is portrayed as bigger than life and cool as all heck. (Unfortunately the film is pretty dull by today's standards. But back then a lot of films and a lot of TV shows were pretty dull by today's standards.)

    I'd say that casting an Asian to play Danny would have missed the point.


    Shang-Chi was Marvel's Asian martial arts hero.

And I'm still waiting for a Shang Chi appearance on any TV show or in any movie. Maybe in a few years we'll see a Netflix series about the Master of Kung-Fu. His back story is perfect for TV. Just name his dad something other than Fu Manchu and maybe, instead of Nayland Smith, bring in Jimmy Woo instead. Black Jack Tarr doesn't need to be renamed or replaced as he was never a Sax Rohmer character to begin with.

    Danny Rand was more of an outsider because he was white. I know, most Marvel characters are outsiders, but Rand didn't fit in in K'un L'un because he wasn't Asian and he didn't fit in when he returned to Earth as an orphan who had spent most of his formative years in a mystical city. I haven't watched the TV show yet but I would be interested in seeing how he's portrayed.

On the TV show, he was an outsider at K'un L'un (but not because he was white) and he's an outsider here in our world because he grew up in a mystical city. The show is worth watching. Just know in advance that a great deal of of the show is centered around Danny's family (often with Danny nowhere in sight). This has trigger a pretty large amount of griping among fans.

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