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Subj: Re: New banner! How would you rank Predator?
Posted: Mon May 08, 2017 at 08:57:02 pm EDT (Viewed 107 times)
Reply Subj: New banner! How would you rank Predator?
Posted: Sat May 06, 2017 at 07:17:03 am EDT (Viewed 123 times)

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How do you rank Predator against -
1. other Schwarzenegger films
2. other sci-fi franchises
3. other suspense films (not necessarily sci-fi)

I have to say, Predator is my favorite Schwarzenegger film. It worked for me because Arnold was so clearly the underdog throughout the film. This is the best depiction of an outclassed action hero I can remember ever seeing. (I'm not counting horror films where by definition the protagonist is outclassed - because the protagonist is never an action hero.)

As a sci-fi franchise, I guess it doesn't rank too highly with me. (From this, if you apply some logic, you'll realize I'm not that big of a Scwarzeneger fan in general.) The main reason I rank this movie low in this category is the simple fact that the sci-fi concept is pretty basic. There's no big idea that makes me go, "Whoa."

Meanwhile, as a suspense film, I rank this film highly. The outclassed action hero motif is great for suspense. And the Predator concept is absolutely perfect for suspense. I mean, seriously, super-fast, invisible, ruthless, and lethal? Terrific for suspense.

I was always a big fan of Predator. I even liked part 2 even though it was the exact same movie with a new coat of paint.

Predator is hardly a sci-fi movie. If it wasn't for that brief shot of the ship at the beginning you wouldn't even know the bad guy was an alien until the end of the movie. My Dad must have missed that opening shot because he said when the Predator's mask came off at the end he was surprised to see an alien.

Predator is, like you said, a suspense movie. But I would also say it's a horror film with the cast being picked off by the unseen killer one at a time. The difference being that in most horror films the cast are weak and vulnerable and here with almost every cast member being an ultra-macho killing machine, it really upped the threat level of the villain. Also in most horror movies I (and probably everyone else) generally dislike the cast members, and here I actually liked them and got invested.

I also liked that after all the guns and bombs were spent, Arnold is left to create his own weapons and traps out of what he finds. It's always fun to watch somebody do something without explaining what they're doing.

I liked the slow reveal of the alien. First you just see signs of it. Then you see through its eyes. Then you see it in the invisible form. Then finally the cloak fails and it's got a great costume. Then the mask comes off and it's got a great animatronic face.

I agree there is nothing on its own that's original or spectacular, but there are a million details in here and they are all done very well. It's just a fun, disposable popcorn movie that's better than most.

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