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Subj: Re: Were the 90's kinder to DC than Marvel?
Posted: Mon May 08, 2017 at 09:32:11 pm EDT (Viewed 154 times)
Reply Subj: Were the 90's kinder to DC than Marvel?
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I've been rereading some 90's DC comics lately and they don't seem nearly as awful as 90's Marvel.

I just remember a lot of awful stuff from Marvel in the 90's...The Crossing, Onslaught, the clone saga (well ok I liked some of that), Heroes Reborn, Liefeld's X-Force, the Punisher, Ghost Rider etc

From what I can tell DC had some fun books in the 90's: Flash, Nightwing, Robin, Birds of Prey, Superboy, the reboot Legion (well I liked them). Granted it sounds like there was some bad stuff with Superman, Batman and Green Lantern.

I don't know. The '90s is when I really caught onto comics. Death of Superman was great, and you can tell they probably had the return in mind from the beginning, so it didn't feel too forced.

Knightfall was a great story that painted them into a corner. The plight of crippled Bruce Wayne seemed like a good idea but it left us with a pretender Batman that no one liked as much. Then Bruce has to be healed by magic in order to undo the whole affair.

Wonder Woman loses a rigged contest and has to give up the role to Artemis, a pissed-off bad girl type who seemed a little Imagey.

These set in motion a whole bunch of shock-value storylines that didn't have the same easy outs.

Green Arrow is killed off and replaced by his recently-revealed bastard son. Green Lantern wipes out their whole mythology and replaces the hero with, what, an unemployed comic book artist or whatever he was?

Armageddon had already made victims of Hawk, Dove and Captain Atom. Atom then heads up Extreme Justice, probably the most Image-inspired DC book where everyone on the team is always pissed off and fighting amongst themselves. This is after the Judgment Day crossover where Booster Gold is killed and thrown into some life-support armor a la Tony Stark. Isn't this when Ice was killed too?

Triumph becomes the poster-boy for pissed off heroes. Appearing during Zero Hour as the man who formed the Justice League but somehow a time anomaly removes him from history so no one remembers. When he shows up in the '90s he can't get over losing his spot on the team and yet no one cares. Bitch and moan followed by apathy.

Kind of like how mysterious new member Bloodwynd is revealed to be Martian Manhunter in disguise. No one knew because no one had cared enough to miss MM for however many years he'd been inactive. After the reveal the "real" Bloodwynd vanished never to be seen again.

The whole "women in refrigerators" thing. First Kyle's girlfriend, then Guy's mom (actually her neighbor by mistake) and then Arisia. Death and shock value seemed to be valued commodities.

Blue Devil sells his soul to Neron and becomes and actual devil from Hell.

Zero Hour of course wiped out the JSA, except for those clutching onto relevance for dear life like Jay Garrick.

Power Girl lost her Kryptonian status in the Crisis, became a descendant of Atlantis. Turns out she had an allergy to diet cola that made her turn into a total witch. Got knocked up against her will by some mystical force and popped out a baby which was never seen again.

The Metal Men retconned from robots into humans trapped inside horrible metal bodies, oh the angst! Gold killed off, Doc Magnus turned into a Metal Man. "From the team that killed Superman!"

I don't know, I thought there was tons of havoc at DC. Maybe none of it stuck as long as Marvel's did?

Some of the art made Liefeld look pretty good ...

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