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Subj: Re: New banner - Let's talk Priest's Black Panther!
Posted: Wed May 31, 2017 at 08:32:20 pm EDT (Viewed 5 times)
Reply Subj: New banner - Let's talk Priest's Black Panther!
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The series began in 1998 so it's part of our era. I know the Priest run continued into the early 21st century but for just this once let's bend the rules so we can discuss the entire Priest run.

I wasn't always a fan but recently I've come to realize I'll never appreciate the series unless I start it at the beginning. So this morning I ordered the complete collection (all four volumes) on eBay for $88. I wish they were hardcover but I guess I can't have everything.

My biggest gripe, back in the day, was that I couldn't understand the nuances of what was happening. I blamed Priest for that and only sporadically bought the book. As noted above, I now believe Priest was building something that simply had to be entered at the beginning - and now I'm willing to do that.

Everett Ross - yuck. But I know Priest fervently believed a white audience needed a white point of view character. If this was true, if Priest was right, then the white audience was a dork. As for me, I don't want to see that white face. I want to enjoy a story about Africans. Nevertheless, I know Priest's strategy and I fear he may well have correctly gauged the ridiculous dorkiness of the white audience. So Everett Ross - here I come! Comfort me with your Caucasianhood.

T'Challa the cunning master manipulator - this I love and have always loved. This was a protagonist for grown-ups. More than anything else, a protagonist for grown-ups is what I want right now, and is the very reason I just spent $88.

Beautiful art - it speaks for itself. The Black Panther has often been blessed with exceptional graphics and this series was no exception.

Did you love this series?

I've hit the spoiler button though of course it isn't really necessary since all of these stories are more than a decade old.

Has it really been that long...

If you can't tell by my name, I LOVED that book. It had started just as I returned to reading comics after a five year break. It was one of the few books that I had to buy each month, not because I was a completionist, but because I just had to find out what happened next.

Somebody wrote the differences between brown skin people (Africans and African Americans specifically) in comic form. Somebody noted the differences between men of color. The women still needed some work, but hey...there was more than one!!

Everett K Ross served a mighty purpose. He was a dork, but sometimes, when you least expected it, he showed a lot of heart and depth. I adored EKR, went to school with a few of him IRL. So a lot of his comments that were written in the comic, I had the pleasure of hearing IRL. lol

I also remember most of the creative team being active posters on the Alvaro
comicboards. Actually, a good handful of writers and artists used to post on these boards. These boards or so different now. How sad that I still post on them.

Well that's another topic/tangent for another day.

Priest is an interesting man. Once you read his bio and some of his other work...you could see where he was trying to take BP. However, over time...it just started to lose it's impact. My opinion, he couldn't wrote what he wanted to; editorial was taking him in a direction that caused him to lose the core of BP readers without bringing in a sufficient amount of new readers. No matter what he wrote, the levels always ran flat, but then started to decline. Kasper Cole entered the picture. I did not like that character and saw it as his 'fault' that the book ended.

I tried a few issues of the 'original' crew, but the writing was on the wall by then: it was done. I was so enamored of Priest's BP that I didn't even look at Hudlin's version. Maybe I missed out, but I don't think so.

Coates brought me back, and I think he is a nice heir to Priest's BP. Of course now we have the decompression from hell. But overall, I am enjoying his rendition.

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