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Subj: Re: Matrix Trilogy on Netflix stream!
Posted: Fri Aug 04, 2017 at 07:54:10 am EDT (Viewed 132 times)
Reply Subj: Matrix Trilogy on Netflix stream!
Posted: Thu Aug 03, 2017 at 10:21:43 pm EDT (Viewed 157 times)

    To be honest I have never understood the hate that some have of the sequels.

I semi-hated the sequels.

    While the first movie was fine as a stand alone, sequels were inevitable.

The way the movie market works - yes.

    Also if you go back and watch the first movie, it is pretty clear that the Oracle is not a human.

    1. "She's been with us since the beginning" beginning of Zion or the resistance?

    2. "When the One died the Oracle prophesied his return", so did the previous One die when Zion was started or sometime after?

    3. She operates out of an apartment with assistants as they deal with children who are not connected to the matrix and are young enough to understand how to warp the Matrix to a small degree. yet she showed NO fear of the Agents finding her.

    4. She can calculate/predict what is coming with an interesting degree of accuracy. She knew a traitor was amongst them but also knew that such a thing was needed and that she told Neo what he needed to hear to get him on the path to be The One. Save himself or save Morpheus at the cost of his own lift, yet Neo finds the third choice: attack the agents and save them all.

    5. She could somehow see into Neo, or perhaps I should say his "source code" and determined he had the potential to be the One but wasn't The One yet. She also told Trinity the one she would come to love would be The One and tells Neo he is waiting for his next life to become The One.

    It all adds up to not only her being an A.I. but a high level A.I. AND that if you read between the lines as it were in the first movie that Morpheus and Neo did not have the full information about the prophecy of the One that we later learn in Reloaded and Revolutions.

Excellent points - to which I was oblivious after watching only the original film.

    That it was all an elaborate control system to isolate the "anomalies" aka the humans who kept disbelieving the Matrix and thus keeping some control over them by letting them have Zion for awhile until the next ONE arises then the ARchitect sends the signal to "reset" Zion via slaughter and telling the current One that they must choose a group of humans to survive and start Zion and the cycle anew.

I hated Zion. That much I can say. The very existence of Zion just rubbed me the wrong way. The original film made it seem as if all humans were in the Matrix except Neo, Morpheus, Trinity, and whoever else they had with them (I know there was at least one more but I'm vague on faces and names). Having a whole city outside the Matrix was not foreshadowed in the original movie at all - or if it was, I missed it.

    Thus the machines maintain control and they always win.

I saw the sequels yet I didn't understand this aspect until you explained it. Maybe that was part of my problem with the sequels. I just wasn't getting it.

    Until Neo found the third choice yet again.

I don't remember what the third choice was. I think the sequels just went over my head. I know Neo did something entirely unexpected and set everything on a new trajectory. But what he did and why it worked - I'm clueless.

The other problem I had with the first sequel was that it didn't seem to pick up from where the original movie left off - which was Neo flying into the Matrix like Superman. There was no "Neo as Superman" at the start of the first sequel. We got Superman moments eventually (first sequel? second sequel? both?) but for a lot of the first sequel we got Neo as more of a Batman figure (actually more Nightwing) and I didn't understand why.

And then we got battles in Zion - the real world - where Neo wasn't even Nightwing. He was just some guy. In Zion he was completely outclassed by the bad guys. He couldn't begin to really fight them. That's not what I wanted to see. I wanted to see the rise of Neo as a god - because that's what the end of the original movie portended.

Also I eventually got bored of the action scenes in the sequels. I can only take so much of fighting while driving fast and reckless on a highway and other scenes that were similar.

    Now Smith....I don't think his actions were a part of the overall plan. He was upgraded to fight Neo but assimilating the entire Matrix I do not think was part of the plan.