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Subj: Re: Matrix Trilogy on Netflix stream!
Posted: Sat Aug 05, 2017 at 12:10:57 am EDT (Viewed 114 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Matrix Trilogy on Netflix stream!
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    I hated Zion. That much I can say. The very existence of Zion just rubbed me the wrong way. The original film made it seem as if all humans were in the Matrix except Neo, Morpheus, Trinity, and whoever else they had with them (I know there was at least one more but I'm vague on faces and names). Having a whole city outside the Matrix was not foreshadowed in the original movie at all - or if it was, I missed it.

I think they mentioned Zion, the last human city, in the first movie. They just left it up to your imagination what it was actually like. I was kind of disappointed with the cave-ravers we got.

    The other problem I had with the first sequel was that it didn't seem to pick up from where the original movie left off - which was Neo flying into the Matrix like Superman. There was no "Neo as Superman" at the start of the first sequel. We got Superman moments eventually (first sequel? second sequel? both?) but for a lot of the first sequel we got Neo as more of a Batman figure (actually more Nightwing) and I didn't understand why.

Actually it did pretty quickly. The movie starts with Morpheus and crew meeting up with a bunch of other ship captains in the Matrix. A bunch of agents followed by Smith arrive and break up the party. While everyone else is fleeing, Neo takes off into the sky. "Where's Neo?" they ask. "He's doin' his Superman thing." He flies off to see the Oracle, but she's not there. That's about 10 minutes into the movie. I'll agree they didn't use it as much as they should have.

    And then we got battles in Zion - the real world - where Neo wasn't even Nightwing. He was just some guy. In Zion he was completely outclassed by the bad guys. He couldn't begin to really fight them. That's not what I wanted to see. I wanted to see the rise of Neo as a god - because that's what the end of the original movie portended.

Yeah but he's only God in the Matrix and the only fight that really mattered took place outside the Matrix, rendering his character somewhat useless. But he did travel to the machine city to broker peace, so that was his ultimate use.

    Also I eventually got bored of the action scenes in the sequels. I can only take so much of fighting while driving fast and reckless on a highway and other scenes that were similar.

I agree somewhat, once you learn that the world of the Matrix isn't real, it seemed kind of counter-intuitive to me that they would keep running missions inside the Matrix. Wouldn't the real fight take place in the "real world," on the Zion level? The action scenes, while pretty, just seemed like filler to me.

Well the Matrix meetings would be to pass information rather then use open communications between ships or to constantly fly back and forth from Zion to pass info along.

Also they had to fight in the Matrix as well as Zion since getting to City 01 was impossible except for Neo.

Also they were too busy trying to dig in and save the city to mount a full scale counter strike on 01, and they wouldn't have had the forces anyway. Zion's defenders would have had a better job if the human corrupted by Smith hadn't sabotaged them. ;\)

Zion was indeed mentioned but never shown in the first movie, all we knew it was the last city on Earth, near the core, and that Smith wanted the codes from Morpheus to the Zion Mainframe system so he could download himself into it and destroy it.

As to Neo being God in the Matrix, yeah he would have been if he had pulled his head out of his rear and realized that he had power and senses he could only guess at. Instead of going on a spree of freeing humans and skirmishes with other agents he SHOULD have sought out the Oracle as soon as possible and gotten the full rundown on his powers, and then gone off to seriously practice his abilities to warp the matrix and control it as The One.

By all rights, the Merovingian ( hated that character, he should have been deleted) and his Ghosts should have been no threat to Neo even with their little trick of using keys to alter doors and send Neo off to the mountains. Instead he flies back and max speed when by all rights he SHOULD have been able to warp the Matrix code and step back into the Merovingian base where the key master was kept.

But as shown in the 3rd movie, she pointed to the Latin sign that said "know thyself" and Neo realized he was being a thick headed idiot. Then he gets more insight from her about his powers and how the Matrix is connected to the machines and since HE is connected he CAN affect things outside the Matrix.

In the end the fight was pretty much at the Zion level of things but Neo also knew that the final finish to things was within the Matrix as he was the only one (apparently) that could stop Smith. I still wonder if the Architect couldn't have stopped him or not.

But when Neo allowed Smith to assimilate him, Neo becomes a Smith and is linked to all the other Smiths BUT Neo was connected to the matrix at City 01 and thus was part of the system and thus reconnected Smith to the system hence they could scrub the system clean of Smith. So perhaps being unlpugged kept Smith from being stopped.....or was it all another form of control?

The Architect clearly has no regard for humans and thinks they will betray them again just as it was humans that started the war long ago. The Oracle has hope of course.

Still I wonder if the machines were one day hoping that a human would come to them to sue for peace at long last? perhaps it was all an elaborate control system to test the humans to see if any of them would wake up and realize the whole war must end for good.

Also here's a question: on the architect monitors we see all the varied reactions of Neo when he learned he was the 6th ONE.....were those recordings of the other Ones? Is Neo in fact the original ONE, cloned and recloned over the years and put into the system to start the cycle again?

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