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Subj: Re: Superbeings created 80s or 90s whose solo titles reached issue 50
Posted: Fri Sep 15, 2017 at 10:14:38 am EDT (Viewed 183 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Superbeings created 80s or 90s whose solo titles reached issue 50
Posted: Fri Sep 15, 2017 at 07:58:32 am EDT (Viewed 186 times)

    I consciously excluded Hellboy because it never actually had an issue 50. Continuous monthly publication for 50 issues is the accomplishment I want to applaud here. I don't know if Hellboy actually achieved that. Another character I consciously excluded was Lady Death and for the same reason. I'm sure if all of her minis were tallied up she'd be well over the 50 issue mark. But to me that's not the same as continuous monthly publication.

The interesting thing about Hellboy is that even though it came out as mini series and one-shots with their own numbering, on the inside front cover it carried an overall series number that continued from one mini to the next, I never saw any other comic do that. It was probably just to help readers determine the reading order. They didn't come out monthly though.

Lobo, before he had the ongoing had a run of minis and one-shots that came out pretty much monthly and probably equalled 50 issues. But he had the ongoing too so we don't need to worry about that.

I was thinking Azrael would make the list but it looks like his title conked out at 47.

    Do you count new characters taking on an old mantle? Conner Kent/Kon-El Suberboy made it to 100. I think Tim Drake/Robin did too. Linda Danvers/Supergirl made it 75 I think.

    Hmm. I hadn't seriously considered them. I'll have to think about it. I would have to include Kyle Richmond/Green Lantern and Wally West/Flash as well, which at that point just starts to seem silly to me. I gave She-Hulk a pass because before she existed there was no female jade giant - she was the original.

Ah, but Wally West was a pre-existing character from the '60s. Kon-El, Tim Drake, Linda Danvers and Kyle Rayner were new characters in the 90s. I had forgot about Kyle because he didn't start with an issue #1. But he went for about 100 issues starting with #51.didn't he? For that matter you could look at Connor Hawke too. (EDIT: Just checked, Connor only lasted 37 issues as the star of Green Arrow).

Checking your list again, if you're going to count Jack Knight/Starman, a new character inheriting an old legacy, you should probably count the ones I listed above.


      For that matter Transformers made it to 80 and G.I. Joe something like 140 at Marvel.

    They're teams. I'd like to focus on solo characters.

Fair enough. Although the G.I. Joe book eventually became "G.I. Joe Starring Snake Eyes" with the latter's name taking prominence in the logo.

Oh never mind. I see now that only lasted 10 issues.

Wait ... did we both forget about The Punisher? Oh, wait ... he's not a "super."

I found another one. Steel/John Henry Irons, his series lasted 53 issues! Although a tech guy, he did eventually develop a super power too. He could teleport his armor on and off himself somehow as needed, enabling lightning-fast identity changes.

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