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Subj: Re: DC's new generation back in the day
Posted: Thu Sep 21, 2017 at 01:46:21 pm CDT (Viewed 172 times)
Reply Subj: DC's new generation back in the day
Posted: Thu Sep 21, 2017 at 05:47:14 am CDT (Viewed 221 times)

    So what's your verdict?

    Tim or Damian?

I can't really compare, I haven't read enough of Damian. When he first showed up he seemed insufferable but I only saw less than a year of his stuff.

    Tim or Dick Grayson? (Which would mean retiring the Robin identity, since Dick isn't using it.)

I liked that Dick grew out of Batman's shadow to become his own hero with Nightwing. I preferred a universe with both Nightwing and Robin. I liked Tim because he was smart, he discovered Bruce Wayne's identity and broke into the Batcave with his skills and moxie. I didn't see much of Dick as Robin, I mostly saw him with the Titans as Nightwing.

    Kyle or Hal?

I never warmed to Kyle. Hal was okay I think in the '60s and to some extent after Rebirth. The '80s was not his decade with the self-doubts and such. I was much more into Guy Gardner, I am a big cheerleader for Guy. I guess I like broken characters, odd men out. Post Rebirth when he became more of a team player I didn't like him as much. But at least it's better than the Warrior years.

    Kon-El or Jon?

I haven't read anything of Jon. I liked Kon-El as Superboy better than Clark as Superboy because he was a different character. Adventures of young Clark were always boxed in because it had to some day lead into the adult Superman stories so it couldn't diverge too far. Kon-El had possibilities. I liked his series with Kesel and Grummett and liked him in Young Justice. The latter years of his series and the Titans run, not as much.

    Linda or Kara?

Didn't read Linda's book, may try it one day. I also didn't like the idea of a non-Kryptonian Supergirl. I had warmed to Matrix and would have read her series, probably. I did read her mini series. I don't like when a character becomes popular enough for their own book and the first thing they do is hand their powers off to someone else. Like they were gaining traction with the Eradicator after Reign, and when he got a series they had him merge with a human and the human now had all of his powers. Why do I want to read about this new character? I came here for the Eradicator, y'know? Same reason I didn't like the Lone Gunmen TV series. They finally got their own show and what do they do? Bring in two new stars and make the Gunmen sidekicks in their own show. I wanted to see the Gunmen as the stars!

    Cassandra or Barbara?

I didn't read either of their runs as Batgirl, although I saw Cassandra a few times and she had potential. I liked Barbara as Oracle and I think it's a shame if they got rid of that character in the New 52.

    I personally prefer Batman with Robin, because I think the teamwork is part of what makes the victories believable, and because Alfred becomes doubly relevant when he has two people (instead of just one) to worry about, fuss over, and snark at. So for me it's a choice between Tim and Damian. And I have to admit, Damian is cool.

I guess I grew up with a dead Bucky and dead Jason Todd and the feeling at the time was that no responsible adult would draft a child into a war. Superheroing didn't used to be war, but by the '80s it was. I liked that they had consequences, I'm really sad that they brought those two characters back to life, I think they had far more value as reminders of how dangerous it can be.

Just like I really preferred a dead Barry Allen. Granted, I grew up after he was out of the comics so I didn't miss him. But it seems like you had a place for a lot of characters in the Flash family. Jay was the elder mentor, Barry was the dead father figure, Wally was the new adult trying to live up to Barry's memory, then they brought in Bart as the new kid. Four characters with four different places in the myth. When they brought back Barry it seemed like redundancy, he and Wally were too similar. At least before that when they grew up Bart into an adult, it was only after Wally was out of the picture. I don't even know about New 52, it's just Barry with Wally as Kid Flash right? Seems like such a step backwards. I can understand streamlining a bit, but I don't ever really see the point of rebooting and throwing out all that rich history.

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