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Subj: Re: New banner! JURASSIC PARK is on our board background but -
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    I loved it. It still holds up for me. Even though there was a sci-fi premise in play, I liked that the wonder of dinosaurs was the big selling point. Part of the natural world, albeit one we've never seen.

It's the dinosaurs, man. The little boy inside the grown man just wants to see dinosaurs! How they show up doesn't matter. Maybe some kid rubs a magic lamp. Who cares?

    That's why I didn't like Jurassic World, because now they are making new creatures and it's just silly. Or sillier, I guess.

New creatures was going too far. That's GMO. Could have created Godzilla! Hmm - wait a second - created Godzilla? Let's do it!

I would be utterly unresponsible. I'd want the biggest, fastest, deadliest creatures ever to slither, run, swim, or fly.

But I wouldn't make a theme park. That's where the movie (and the novel) jumped the shark. It should have been strictly science. Infiltrated by the military, of course. In my version of the movie, all the horrible disasters would have arisen from military tampering. My movie would also have had an anti-GMO subtext, but not clear cut. I would have shown both sides of the argument. Yes, GMO technology could yield unexpected horrors, but it could also yield amazing new discovering and really cool beasts!


      find it believable that a theme park of the sort depicted in the movie would be made in our real world if dinosaur DNA were available?

    I think it would present a number of problems as the other posters said. I don't think animal rights activists would be in favor of creating unnatural half-dinosaur hybrids with genetic splicing. Fans of organically grown plants aren't in favor of GMOs, right? Then the religious conservatives would dislike the idea of playing God. Like Malcolm says, when man creates dinosaurs, man destroys God.

Yeah, I hadn't previously been thinking about the GMO aspect. The green community has a strong anti-GMO sub-community that would have held protests. I'm green but I'm also a latent mad scientist so I'd be torn.

    Even if these new hybrids were confined to an island, would they interact with the sea life around it? Would they carry any diseases or bacteria in that DNA? Seems like a lot of unknowns. Some scientists would certainly jump at the chance for an experiment of this magnitude. I just think it's not the same as humans giving endangered animals a hand with breeding. The ship has sailed for dinos and anything we brought back would be something else. Would this new creation be a good thing? Who knows.

We wouldn't know unless we tried. I would try. I just can't say no to dinosaurs. Satan probably laughs in glee as he has found the temptation I can't resist.

    I saw an interesting episode of the 90s Outer Limits where they recovered Jesus' DNA from the Shroud of Turin and cloned him. It was mostly a religious debate. In the end I think the kid had super powers or something. They could have opened Messianic Park.

Jesus-as-mutant has always been an interesting sci-fi idea.

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