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Subj: Re: Try reading the original Nova series
Posted: Wed Oct 18, 2017 at 08:52:16 pm EDT (Viewed 71 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Try reading the original Nova series
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      Ryder is in school gets zapped, gains powers which at first manifest with him blasting his doctor out of his hospital room and no one stops to question that.

    Nova is another character I would have followed religiously if he wasn't in high school. I really can't stand the whole high school thing.

That's why I liked the New Warriors version better than the original series. He had dropped out of high school and was an adult by that point.

    As for Darkhawk, while I don't actually recall, it seems plausible to me that I didn't pay attention to the comic because, again, the hero was in high school.

    Thing is, Marvel keeps trying to duplicate what they think is the Spider-Man formula, which includes the protagonist being in high school. Yet Peter graduated in issue 28 (1965) and I'm pretty sure it was well after 1965 that Spider-Man became the dominant super-hero in the spinner racks. What Marvel really should have been doing is duplicating Peter's college years. After all, it was in college that Peter met Harry Osborn and Gwen Stacy and it was during college that he met Robbie Robertson and Mary Jane Watson, yet today the mythos is unthinkable without those characters (dead or alive). I just really doubt that pre-college Peter was selling more comics than Superman.

    Put the hero in college and so much changes. The inescapable godlike control of the parents and the principal disappear entirely. The character actually has some hope of plausibly maintaining a secret identity. Passing courses is highly doubtful unless the character is a genius, so make the character a genius, as Peter Parker arguably was. Don't make the character a jock, because sports plus academics plus fighting super villains is just way too much for anyone to conceivably juggle. This is the model the comics companies should be trying to emulate. But instead we get Darkhawk, Nova, Firestorm, Blue Beetle, Ms. Marvel, all in high school. Duh.

I think the strength of New Warriors is you had a mix. Namorita and Marvel Boy were in college. Nova was a high school drop out. Speedball and Firestar were in high school. Night Thrasher presumably was home tutored. None of them went to the same school or anything.

The New Warriors version follows up on happened to Ryder after he was retired and allegedly depowered at the end of ROM #24.

Basically he became a drop out and a punk after coming home rather then catching up on things he missed while off in space.

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