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Subj: Re: NETFLIX Documentary series: THE TOYS THAT MADE US
Posted: Fri Jan 05, 2018 at 09:28:18 pm EST (Viewed 256 times)
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    True but he also came up with bad ideas like Circuit breaker and optimus prime's memory stored on an old floppy disc.

Circuit Breaker wasn't a bad idea, she just wasn't used well. Too overpowered.

Prime's brain on a disc wasn't any dumber than Starscream's ghost. Kid stuff meant for fun. The spark retcon covers them both well enough, the floppy was just a tether.

    Furman of course tends to overuse Galvatron and Unicron so both have their flaws.

I guess I only know Furman from the last 20 or so issues of Marvel US and G2, and neither were all that stunning. How much of the UK run did he do? All of it? I suppose that was his most celebrated contribution.

Didn't he come up with those dippy superheroes at the end of the US run?

I liked Thunderwing though.

Star scream's Ghost was far better then an old floppy disc possibly containing the brain data/persona of an alien robot. Talk about data compression ;\)

Furman did do much of the UK run and it is a shame that certain stories like Target 2006 and Time war weren't in the US series.

Ewww the Ne0-Knights.....rip offs of the X-men since the TF's were moved to a separate universe from the main MU after the miniseries.