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And that one is the original Highlander film.

The other films and the tv show were dross.

Put me down for Connor.

The TV series was fine. It had a rough start for half of season 1 then found its legs and got moving.

It also expanded certain parts of the Highlander Mythos and made a few changes to immortals powers from the movie

1. In the movie the Kurgan takes a clip from an uzi and doesn't drop. In the TV series a wound that kills a mortal renders an immortal unconscious or "dead" until they finish regeneration.

2. The movie states Holy Ground is a tradition.....okay.....a bit vague.

Season 5 of the TV series had an episode that revealed there is a legend that two immortals fought in a holy temple.....right before the volcano exploded and destroyed Pompeii. At the end of the ep the villain of the week is beheaded off holy ground but near and old church. One of the lightning strikes hit the cross and it glowed ominously. Duncan then decided that leaving the area was a good idea \:\)

3. Light and Dark quickenings: the immortal warlord Darius kills an immortal holy man and the "light quickening" changed Darius into a man of peace who tried to change the world with prayer and sermon.

Dark Quickening: take in too much evil and you overload. An old Indian immortal friend of Duncan who was way older then Duncan had the holy duty of taking evil into himself to save others. He took in too much and went evil. Duncan took his head and the Dark Quickening corrupted Duncan for a bit until Methos helped cleanse him.

4. A pre immortal still ages and apparently can get sick and maimed before getting killed and their power activates. However old injuries and scars from their mortal life will remain.

However pre immortals cannot have children, just like immortals cannot.

5. The Watchers: adding them helped the series as it gave the immortals a group that had renegade mortals among them that knew how to track and destroy them. Immortals cannot sense mortals after all.

6. Immortal Fights are one on one. At first believed to be a point of honor, however the Season 1 episode that brought in Amanda and the 100th episode showed that the no matter who does the fighting, the quickening will ONLY go to the one that does the beheading.

In Season 1 Duncan is beating the villain, then Amanda swooped and took the villains head and thus his power went to her.

Season 5: Two of the Horseman attack Duncan, if Duncan kills one the other gets him while he is down from the quickening. Duncan takes the fight to a bridge, beheads one and dives off the bridge as the other moved in to kill him. The power followed Duncan into the water and ignored the other immortal.

Also some episodes show that if an immortal loses their head by any means the quickening power will emerge from them. If an immortal is close by the power goes to them, if not it dissipates and allegedly returns to the source or wherever it is the immortals come from.

7. the origins of the immortals....this REALLY should have been the main story arc of season 5 and 6 if necessary. No aliens or the other junk we've received from the movies.

8. Connor Macleod: he appeared in the pilot episode, was referenced a few times and nothing more. They should have had the last story arc of the series be about Connor's demise at the blade of an evil immortal and Duncan going after the villain. that would have been far better then the 4th movie was.

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