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      The TV series was fine. It had a rough start for half of season 1 then found its legs and got moving.

    I didn't get very far with the tv show. The first episode was so uncompromisingly bad on every level - there's literally nothing good about it with the sole exception of Queen's music - that I nearly gave up there and then. I forced myself to watch a couple more episodes on the belief that it HAD to get better because it couldn't possibly get any worse, but I was wrong. It just didn't get better. So I stopped watching.

I don't think the show holds up today but I think I liked the series from season 2 and on (ok I'm not sure I ever watched the last season). Once Duncan's girlfriend died, Richie became an immortal and Duncan moves to Europe I liked the show a bit more.

Yes, the show did improve after Tessa was removed. Her death gave Duncan some long running grief and pathos to deal with.

Richie becoming immortal was hinted at strongly in the pilot episode and I liked how he slowly moved from being mortal, to immortal protege to sidekick and then later after Dark Duncan nearly killed him into an immortal that could handle himself