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Subj: Re: Finally watched the first Highlander movie last night.
Posted: Mon Feb 19, 2018 at 03:21:16 pm EST (Viewed 293 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Finally watched the first Highlander movie last night.
Posted: Mon Feb 19, 2018 at 12:18:20 pm EST (Viewed 310 times)

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    I don't get how there can even be a Highlander tv series if the movie that started it all is canon. Didn't Connor get "the prize" by killing Kurgan? All other immortals should be dead right? So how can Connor visit Duncan in the tv series?

Yeah, if a franchise has to decanonize its first installment in order to continue, it's not off to a great start. Basically they said the first movie happened as you saw it but Connor and Kurgan were not the last 2 immortals. Connor didn't win the Prize, just a rather large Quickening (what the series calls the transfer of life force between immortals). It probably would have been better for the series to start over as a reimagining of the concept rather than try to include the movie events.

    I'll probably watch the second movie tonight. I've read that movie states the Highlanders are aliens...how did that revelation affect fans of the first film?

Oh, everyone hates it and pretends the movie didn't happen. I am one of the few proponent of the movie and by no means can I call it a good movie. It's a beautiful train wreck. It was directed by Russell Mulcahy like the first, so it's got some neat scene transitions and is mostly nicely shot. It's got Lambert, Connery and Michael Ironside who can be entertaining in a B movie but boy does he ham it up in this one. I like that this is the only installment of the franchise to actually acknowledge that Connor won the Prize in the first movie and is the last immortal. Unfortunately that means they had to bring in more immortals from somewhere else which meant they decided to retcon the origins and it makes no sense. So by all means watch it but be ready to bite into a huge shit-biscuit (sorry, my co-worker uses that phrase so much it has become standard for me).

Also try to make sure you watch a version of the director's cut (the Renegade Edition or Special Edition) because the theatrical cut chops out like 30 minutes and shuffles scenes and it's hard to even follow the story, silly as it is. On the other hand the director's cut adds in a new scene they shot during the production of Highlander 3 which is completely unnecessary so you can't really win with this one.

Original plan for the TV series was adventures of Connor before the kurgan fight

After Adrian Paul was fast it was changed into an alternative timeline where the final gathering has yet to occur

This is not the first franchise to have retcon, reboot, multiple world's, multiple time lines.

DC reboots every few years
Marvel keeps quasi rebooting with their sliding timescale
Star trek reboots are another timeline
Dr who constantly reinvents it's timeline with all the time travel
Superman movies have been rebooted
Batman movies have been rebooted
Flash and Arrow TV shows have the multiverse
Ghost in the Shell original anime movie and sequel. But stand alone complex is its own time line and so is Arise

So why do fans have such trouble with the Highlander tv series being an alternate timeline? The movie was clearly meant as a one and only movie then came fan demand and the desire for more money.

The series expanded some of the concepts and rules of the immortals.

See my threads below for a breakdown of the multiple Highlander timelines

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