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Subj: 80's cartoons were great :)
Posted: Sun Jan 06, 2019 at 07:48:11 am CST (Viewed 267 times)
Reply Subj: Re: New banner! Did you watch Saturday morning cartoons in the 80s?
Posted: Sun Jan 06, 2019 at 07:10:23 am CST (Viewed 267 times)

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Aw, heck yeah! I was probably too old for them (15 in 1980), but that didn't stop me. Heck, I was 20 or 21 and bawling my eyes out over the Death of Optimus. I could probably go on for days how much I loved 1980s cartoons, and I think they were better than the 1990s. Although there are plenty of 1970s cartoons I like (from my real childhood), the 80s generally tops it, imo.

My all-time favourite 30-minute cartoon series is the Dungeons & Dragons series. It doesn't get enough appreciation, imo. Those Season 3, Michael Reaves-written, episodes are some of the darkest, most psychologically intense Saturday morning toons there have ever been. Don't be fooled by the silly unicorn.

I'm not typically into giant robots, but the Transformers were more than just robots.

Thundarr is horribly underrated. YAY Gerber! Why hasn't this ever been brought back?

Star Blazers/Yamato sort of counts. It started airing in the fall of 79.

I just might be the biggest hetero male 50-something Jem fan that exists. I'm not ashamed. I bought the DVD for myself and forbade my daughter to touch it without permission... but we watched it together for days on end. \:D

I've long been a big fan of Spiral Zone, but having rewatched those old episodes, they really weren't that good. I think it's more the concept that I'm a fan of. Spiral Zone is sort of like a very toned-down zombie or even Lovecraftian concept. Mad scientist creates a machine that screws with people's minds and bodies... um, that's From Beyond, right?

Smurfs... He-Man... She-Ra... Thundercats... Defenders of the Earth... Ninja Turtles... Inspector Gadget... GIJoe... Ghostbusters... Voltron... Chipmunks... Spidey & Friends... Hulk... MASK... Galaxy Rangers... SilverHawks... Danger Mouse... Duckula... BraveStarr... Bionic Six... BlackStar... maybe Kidd Video (but hey, I love 80s music too)... even Pac-Man.

Eh... not really a fan of Rainbow Brite, Care Bears, and that type of stuff. And I'm not a Brony. That Mister T series didn't work for me either (it just wasn't adventurous enough, and maybe too sports-related).

Um... Turbo Teen creeped me out.

I don't recall the Hulk Hogan cartoon, either.

Many of the ones you listed were fun to watch.

Some, like Smurfs and Mr.T and Carebears.....well those I never watched as they were for toddlers more then anything.

He-Man and Thundercats were cartoons that tried to send a positive moral message in their episodes. Granted at times some of the eps were a bit too juvenile but many were good.

One of the better He-Man stories was The Problem With Power where Skeletor tricked He-man into thinking he accidentally killed a bystander in one of their fights. He-Man goes to Greyskull, reverts to Adam ( i think that is the first time we see him change back to Adam) and drops the sword into the abyss. Teela goes off on a mission that could likely get her killed, Adam learns he was tricked and goes to reclaim the sword.

Dungeons and Dragons, felt like Scooby Doo at times but Season 3 indeed had great episodes. I always wanted that Unicorn either roasted on an open fire or else returned to the Unicorn valley. The game Baldur's Gate 2 had a funny tribute in it to the cartoon. (per BG2 they never made it home) Also somewhere online is the script for what would have been the final ep of the show.

Transformers: great show but not sticking to their guns as it were over the death of Optimus was a mistake. They should have reminded people that it was a cartoon for starters and did some PSA's to help console the kids and their unjustifiably irate parents.

Don't get me wrong, I did smile when Op was revived as I always liked him but I never did dislike Rodimus Prime.

Also Op's return was so Deus Ex Machina....

She-ra, couldnt stand it then and now.

Ninja Turtles: too campy at times, also too many reboots now.

The REAL Ghostbusters and Voltron were great.

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