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Subj: Re: New banner! What 80s or 90s Carol Danvers moments -
Posted: Tue Jan 08, 2019 at 12:23:11 pm EST (Viewed 239 times)
Reply Subj: Re: New banner! What 80s or 90s Carol Danvers moments -
Posted: Mon Jan 07, 2019 at 03:39:30 pm EST (Viewed 295 times)

    The shame of it is - most of her iconic moments are bad moments, and therefore won't (and shouldn't) be featured in the movie. That's what makes me shake my head that they chose her to be the subject of the first female movie (not counting Elektra). Moments like:
    - The rape
    - The birth of a child conceived by rape
    - The mind-controlled extended period of rape
    - Rogue turning her into a powerless vegetable

This one is a bit of an exaggeration - Carol was stripped of her powers and lost her emotional memories (the other memories were restored to her by Professor X in the same issue, Avengers Annual #10), but she still had lots of useful skills e.g. from her time as a secret agent, so to call her a "vegetable" does her an injustice. IIRC that part of her origin really was only revealed during her time with the X-Men (and when Rogue accessed the memories she had absorbed from Carol), including most importantly her past with Mick Rossi and Wolverine.

    - Her bout with alcoholism (this is less iconic but still).

Yeah, Kurt Busiek being the nostalgia-driven writer that he is, could think of nothing better than to return Carol to her Ms. Marvel powers and then do "Demon in a Bottle 2.0" with her. \:\-P

    - Her courtmartial in Busiek's Avengers.

    I think she had her best moments with the X-Men (as Binary), but that won't be shown in the movie either.

Well, she had two memorable moments with the X-Men as Binary, one with the Brood (which, as Black Guardian already alluded to, probably won't be used as the Brood have been seen as an "Alien" rip-off from their first appearance) and when she punched Rogue through the X-Mansion's roof and into space (which can't be used as they don't yet have the rights to the X-Men characters). Personally I think she was really under-used during her time as Binary and with the Starjammers, but then she was so powerful then that it wasn't easy to use her.

    I didn't read her original series with Claremont as the writer. Did anything of note happen to her in that period?

Not an awful lot, but then the series only lasted 23 issues. Originally she worked for J. Jonah Jameson as editor-in-chief of WOMAN magazine (which gave off a "Lou Grant"-type vibe to the civilian part of much of her series; since she worked in the same building as the Daily Bugle, the original writer (Gerry Conway) had her run across Peter Parker and become gal-pals with Mary Jane Watson). I seriously doubt they're going to want to pick up on that, especially as it was on its way out in the final published issues (She got her pink slip from JJJ in #22).

The costume she originally wore gave rise to criticism, especially due to its weird (but fanservice-y) combination of some scarf-like bands around her neck and a bared midriff. So the costume was changed a couple of times during the run of the series. They got Dave Cockrum to design an all new one, the one that came to be as iconic (IIRC that actually debuted in a Marvel Team-Up story (also written by Claremont) and not in Ms. Marvel).

Her boyfriend, psychiatrist Michael Barnett, wasn't anything to write home about either, and disappeared towards the end of the series (his last appearance was in #22, in #23 Carol is seen dating Sam Adams, one of her co-workers at the magazine). And thirteen years later, in Marvel Super-Heroes Special #10, it was revealed that Barnett was to have been killed in #24 (if I remember correctly - I'm too lazy to dig up the issues).

However, they say a (wo)man is measured by their enemies, and Ms. Marvel in her first series had two who proved enduring - Deathbird (debuted in #9) and Mystique (#16). Had the series continued for a few more issues, it would also have seen the first appearance of Rogue (as shown in Marvel Super-Heroes Special, based on the work that had been done by Claremont and co. when the series was abruptly cancelled). Unfortunately for the Carol Danvers movie Fox still has the rights to Mystique and Rogue, AFAIK. Deathbird, not being a mutant, could probably be used, but she's not that well-known a character outside of comics readers, I think.