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Subj: Re: Did (or does) anyone actually like the Binary identity?
Posted: Sun Jan 13, 2019 at 10:24:07 am CST (Viewed 284 times)
Reply Subj: Did (or does) anyone actually like the Binary identity?
Posted: Tue Jan 08, 2019 at 06:25:15 am CST (Viewed 298 times)

    I like how powerful she was. I like the visual aspect. I like that she was with the X-Men. And I like that her power came from a white hole.

    I can see Marvel making her potentially as powerful as Binary in the movie. Her default power level would be less but she'd have the ability to power up.

    Visially she won't look like Binary except when/if she's engaged in a serious power up. I'd like to see that.

    We won't see her with the X-Men in this film for obvious reasons, but maybe eventually we can see her with the X-Men. Of course the best opportunity would be the very movie most of us don't want: X-Men in Space. Still, if Marvel ever does an X-Men in Space film, Carol Danvers would be a great guest star.

    As for the white hole - I really wish Marvel would use that, even if only as a one-time deal. I'm a big fan of heroes stepping up to major power, even temporarily.

I liked the costume and the power-up. It was a chance for Carol to make a real fresh start and transcend the baggage that she had accumulated over the years, that of being a derivative heroine. After all, as Ms. Marvel she had been a female version of an established hero, and one to whom she used to be a supporting character at that. Her powers weren't sufficiently different (seventh sense instead of cosmic awareness, slightly different strength levels) to matter.(1) Then there was the whole rape and being-betrayed-by-her-fellow-Avengers back story. So this was, I still think, powering up and starting afresh was a good idea. The only drawback was that, like Phoenix before her, she now was too powerful to narratively function as a permanent member of the X-Men. And that was even more of a handicap than it had been with Phoenix because Carol wasn't a mutant. It wouldn't have done for the single non-mutant X-Man (and also the only one who really never had shown any notably interest in "mutant issues" before the X-Men offered to help her) to have the potential to make all her mutant teammates look like fifth wheels. So it was a logical step to send her off into deep space where she could be expected to run into . Unfortunately that also meant that she appeared only very infrequently as the Starjammers weren't all that important in Marvel's general picture (it might have worked better in the context of something like the Infinity Watch avant la lettre, but that's just idle speculation on my part).

I really disliked that when Busiek brought her back to Earth they returned her to the costume and powers she had had up until Avengers #200 and Annual #10, that he made her rejoin the team and turned her into a victim (of alcoholism this time) again. The new codename "Warbird" did not help, and in retrospect looks like a typical 1990s "edgy" codename (like the renaming of Thunderbird II to Warpath).

(1) Also, apart from the special senses, Mar-Vell's and the original Ms. Marvel powers were generic (super-strength, invulnerability, flight). Rogue stole them (and really never used the seventh sense), lost them, and now has practically the same ones after permanently absorbing Wonder Man's powers.

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