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So who are our Rodimus Prime fans? I presume our buddy who calls himself Rodimus Prime is one such. Iron Man Unit 007, are you another?

Do you think Rodimus Prime should have been allowed to be the leader of the Autobots long term? Was he a better leader than Optimus? Or, maybe, did you like Rodimus Prime better when he was known as Hot Rod?

I wish I could remember what Rodimus Prime's voice sounded like. Optimus Prime's I can remember. It sounds like an old time Western star. It's often the voices that attract me to, or repel me from, individual Transformers, mainly because a lot of them look alike to me. Bumblebee is my favorite Transformer for the simple reason that I always know it's him due to his color scheme.

Well Emilio Esteves voice him in the movie, but after wards in the cartoon he sounded like this:


Rodimus Prime frankly got shafted due to the huge demand to soothe traumatized kids by bringing Optimus back.

Optimus Prime and crew awake in 1984 on Earth and resume their war, for four million years prior he and his crew and enemies were in stasis lock, buried on Earth while the inhabitants of Cybertron continued to war despite low energy resources. For 5 million years prior to being lost on earth the war waged between Autobot and Decepticon, beginning with Megatron arising and destroying Sentinel Prime and Alpha Trion taking a wounded Orion Pax and build him into a new body...this Autobot would be recognized by the Matrix as a "prime spark" and Optimus Prime was born.

When a war goes on for millions of years and wipes out resources of your planet and many lives on both sides were lost......it makes one wonder just how good you are as a leader.

Optimus was laying the ground work to retake Cybertron when Unicron arrived and ate the moonbases the Autobots used after Optimus was blasted and shut down for good.

Rodimus however carried the combined power of Optimus plus all other primes in him via the Matrix and easily defeated Galvatron, something that Optimus wouldn't have been able to do (in his original form). Rodimus then led the Autobots that escaped Unicron with him and rescued Magnus and the Junkions and Dinobots and quickly reclaimed Cybertron in the aftermath of the attack.

Rodimus went through growing pains as a leader, had some crisis of confidence at times as a new leader should, but most of the time his plans and actions were solid. He did underestimate human treachery in Return of Optimus pt 1 but that story was written to get Optimus back.

He did however make a decision that I don't think Optimus would have:

When the Decepticons took over planet Paradron, a twin of Cybertron and rich with energy, Rodimus led the attack to reclaim the planet. However he then decided the only solution was to BLOW UP THE PLANET...and Ultra Magnus agreed! The planet was evacuated of course but still....

Also Magnus gets a great line in the ep when he gets to the core and says " I have never seen anything so beautiful.....all right give me the bomb!" WHAT??

Then after Prime returns they had to release a new toy for sale, the Powermaster Optimus Prime and then they take Hot Rod and make him into a Targetmaster so that he is still something special despite no longer being a Prime.

Addendum: what they could have done was do more to show that Optimus still lived within the Matrix and hence within Rodimus Prime. When Hot Rod grabs the Matrix at the end of the movie, Optimus spoke from the Matrix. One would think that would be enough of a clue to indicate that Optimus still exists in some form.....

In Five Faces of Darkness, Rodimus sends himself INTO the Matrix to learn from the past Matrix carriers the history of Cybertron (as they knew it) and the final one to speak to him was Optimus Prime.

Optimus then briefly appears in Burden Hardest to Bear when Galvatron put the Matrix in his cannon and the Autobots within it emerged and ordered him to return the Matrix.

Return of Optimus part 1, Rodimus is talking to himself at a statue of Optimus, stating how he sees Optimus in his dreams and figures he is being reminded he is not a good leader. (that wasn't the case, it was more likely the Matrix/Optimus calling for help)

What they could have done was have Rodimus receive messages or visions from Optimus the same as how Luke would see Obi wan's ghost at times or how Jaga the Wise would appear to give Lion-O advice on Thundercats.

Instead Optimus returns, and then HE starts receiving "signals" or "messages" that lead him to link up to Vector Sigma to speak to his creator Alpha Trion who merged with Sigma back in Season 2. After that, Trion can communicate with Optimus at times.

Also Optimus never got upgraded in the cartoon before it ended. Presumably he was still coated with the super metal and had it painted over, but that was never confirmed either. So with no upgrades and the Matrix drained of power, Optimus would not stand a chance against Galvatron, only Rodimus Prime could face Galvatron and win. Or perhaps Metroplex...

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