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Posted: Fri May 31, 2019 at 11:40:05 am EDT (Viewed 668 times)
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    Early Spawn, WildStorm, Shadowhawk, and later, Witchblade were the only things that remotely interested me about Image. And all of that stopped somewhere in the 90s.

I should also say that I was a fan of Alan Moore's 1963, but was super disappointed that it was never resolved (that I know of, anyway). I did read the followup in Shadowhawk and Big Bang Comics but they never got to cross over with Image proper. But then anything requiring all the Image founders to contribute was doomed to be shelved indefinitely.

    Generally, my feelings are about the same as thuggernaut, just not as extreme. Although, I would even consider their art better than some of these guys' personalities that I've seen.

I don't know most of their personalities. I find Liefeld a bit obnoxious but there are worse out there. Larsen I like and McFarlane, while I wish he had stuck to comics, seems to be a respectable businessman at least.

    Portacio had family issues early on with his sister's health, so he quickly withdrew. He returned a couple years later under the WildStorm imprint with WetWorks. Then in 2000, he had diabetes issues, which left him paralyzed and unable to draw for a bit.

Well that's too bad. I know Larsen briefly had an issue where he couldn't draw for a while, a loss of feeling in his hands. I guess he got better or learned to work with it.