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Subj: Re: Babylon 5-trust me, after Season 1 the series and characters will EVOLVE
Posted: Thu May 28, 2020 at 09:51:36 am EDT (Viewed 376 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Babylon 5-trust me, after Season 1 the series and characters will EVOLVE
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I always saw Londo as the one lacking facets. He's so utterly corrupt and ... not much else. G'Kar is much more human and conflicted.

G'Kar and Londo slowly became more human and conflicted over the series.

G'Kar become more humanized and humbled after what happened to his people and planet, but also when he was amped up and went to raid Londo's mind. Then he later becomes viewed as the next G'Quon and is revered as well....a prophet I suppose, yet he didn't want that and realized he had to leave.

Londo.....well, his people by nature appear motivated by greed similar to the Ferengi, but they still have more of a code of conduct then the Ferengi. Londo gets tempted slowly by what he is offered and then partners up with Reefa. But Londo was horrified at what became of their partnership and took steps to end it. First he severs ties with Morden, then after learning Reefa was now working with Morden, he took steps to end that as well

"Your loyalty to the homeworld should be greater then your ambition.....and I have also poisoned your drink!" Now THAT got Reefa's attention in a hurry!

After finally dispatching Reefa in a very intense moment of what could be called poetic justice, Londo is tricked by Morden into working with him again. But he soon wises up, and also takes steps to deal with the lunatic Emperor that Londo himself helped place on the throne.

He gets prophetic warnings on how to try to avoid his fate, but in the end had no choice but to embrace it in full in order to save his people even though it would cost him dearly.

HE and G'Kar start as bitter enemies, then become almost friends until they are frenemies.

The B5 novel trilogy Legions of Fire wraps it all up and covers Londo's fate after the show ended and ties it all together.