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Subj: Re: Babylon 5: Season Two: pay attention to any and all references to Valen
Posted: Fri Jun 12, 2020 at 09:25:54 pm EDT (Viewed 401 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Babylon 5: Season Two [OLD SPOILERS] added a question for you
Posted: Fri Jun 12, 2020 at 03:15:28 pm EDT (Viewed 358 times)

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    They had to let G'kar' world be bombed or they would risk tipping their hand that they knew the Shadows were coming, thus provoking the shadows to attack sooner.

Maybe I'm not clear on this. I just started Season 3 and I don't think even yet if the B5 people know that the Shadows are behind the Centauri. We know about Londo's deal but they don't. They just think the Centauri decided to attack the Narn one day and no one seemed to care. There was that episode where G'Kar went around asking everyone for support and they all said no. Earth saying no at least made sense when we find out they are in league with the Centauri. Sheridan didn't seem totally happy with the decision but he didn't really argue with it either. I have a feeling Sinclair would have been more bothered by it all.

    The First Ones are scattered and the Vorlons are not yet motivated to fight......, YET

    More is revealed of Delenn and her heritage and her transformation as the series goes on. You should also watch the B5 TV movie In The Beginning then start Season 3

Is that a good place to watch it? Didn't it air around Season 4? That's where my "watching order" list places it.

    Londo: he wanted power, fame and glory for himself and his people, thus Morden realized he'd be a great puppet for the Shadows as Londo did not stop to think about the PRICE that such pwoer and fame would cost. When Londo finally does figure things out he takes steps to eliminate the threats and distance himself from Morden. Also his partner in crime Lord Reefa is far more guilty then Londo.

The Centauri elite all seem pleased with themselves for re-conquering the Narn. Londo is quiet about it, he's not jumping for joy but we haven't heard any regret about it. Only Vir seems really bothered.

    Talia's departure does indeed feel forced, but rest assured she is gone. Listen to what Bester tells Sheridan when Sherdian tells Bester that he holds him responsible for what happened to her. All subplots about Talia such as her brainwaves being recorded by the VCR and her upgrade by Ironheart are dropped. Ivanova, yes she is a latent telepath but no she will not take over as the new telepath. Lyta Alexander is coming back. (and there is much rejoicing). As to whether Talia and Ivanova were lovers, it is implied but never stated.

I understand an actor leaving on short notice, like Lyta being replaced by Talia in the first place. But why suddenly turn Talia evil, dump all her subplots, why not leave the door open like they did with Lyta or Sheridan? Just seemed abrupt. Did she do something to piss them off?

I was happy to see Lyta back. I also like Andrea Thompson on NYPD Blue so it was a win/win.

    Kosh emerging from his suit to save Sheridan....look closely, everyone sees Kosh as a holy figure from their various religions, Sheridan sees Kosh as an Angel, possibly Gabriel. Only Londo didn't see anything possibly due to his current corruption by the Shadows or else he is not a believer. Kosh will later state that being seen by so many was a major strain on his power reserves. More revelations about this as the series goes.

I didn't notice Londo not seeing anything, I should rewatch that scene. I still question since everyone saw something different, did they see his true form or just a projection?

    yes they believe/know Clark is corrupt but in order to stop him you need evidence which is scarce at the moment and Clark has all his people in the right places, and this includes removing a lot of political and legal restraints that kept the Psi Corp in check. it isn't a case of bad acting or story, this is a fight for the future of Earth and beyond so charging in guns blazing just wont work.

They just don't really talk about it. If they want to do something about it but can't I would think they would be more agitated all the time. The only one who seems continuously annoyed is Dr. Franklin because the Centauri attack left him with too many dead Narns to treat.

    Things for Season 3:

    Lyta returns!

    Marcus is a regular now. Just wait until he has words with the syndicate in the tavern....

    The search for the First Ones begins

    More Bester!

    Episode 3: a great elevator scene with Londo and G'kar! If you ever had doubts about the hate G'kar has for Londo....

That was good, but it still seems weird to see someone who is outwardly so aggressive as G'Kar to fold so easily, to say there's nothing he can do to Londo but just watch him die. But that's his struggle.

    Episode 6: an amped up G'kar decides to have words with Londo....

    The Nightwatch.....

    Episode 9: get ready.....

    Ep 15: Sheridan has words with Kosh....

    Ep 16 and 17: a two parter that brings Sinclair back. Plot threads are wrapped and others continue.

    Ep 20: poetic justice

    Also the ISN will go down and come back.....with a dark twist

    Edit:. Forgot to ask, what did you think of the Vorlon inquisitor?
    Kind of makes you stop and wonder just whether the Vorlon are indeed the "good guys".

He was a little hammy. I guess since Delenn was free to leave and stop the torture any time she wanted, I didn't feel like the Inquisitor was too evil. Just testing what her limits were to see if she was suited to the battle ahead. Cold, but not bad.

The reveal of his true identity was a little silly. And didn't Star Trek do that first? ;\)

Well there are shows that take advantage of the legend of Jack, true.

But B5 I think did it very well. Especially the look on his face when he says "Remembered only......as JACK"

As to G'kar he didn't fold at all in the elevator scene. He states the terms of the surrender and knows that if Londo's death comes from suffocation from the fire then it isn't murder by a Narn and thus the terms of surrender are not violated. G'kar gets to see Londo dead even if he dies in the process. That is HATRED

Plus I love how at the end as they lay there they are still trading barbs with each other.

Sheridan knows something is wrong, remember how Garibaldi's shooter and all evidence were whisked away? Then comes the non agression pact with the Centauri

Yes watch In the Beginning in the order you have it listed. Also watch THIRD SPACE as soon as the Shadow War ends

Look at Londo's face as Narn is being bombed, he is regretful but silent. If he speaks up now, he will be killed. Karma will deal with Londo throughout the series.

As to what people saw when Kosh emerged, keep watching.

They also don't talk much about Clark yet as they do not know who is with Clark and who isn't. Walls have ears as they say.


EDIT: Also in Season 1, 2 and 3: pay attention to any and all references to Valen.

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