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Subj: Re: Babylon 5: Season Three [OLD SPOILERS]
Posted: Tue Aug 11, 2020 at 10:04:51 am EDT (Viewed 376 times)
Reply Subj: Babylon 5: Season Three [OLD SPOILERS]
Posted: Sun Aug 09, 2020 at 04:09:28 pm EDT (Viewed 420 times)

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Babylon 5 - Season 3 (1995-1996)

It's already been a month since I finished watching this season and the memories are starting to blend together.

The Rangers present Sheridan with the White Star, so now he's not stuck on the station and he can go exploring. I'm sure this drew comparisons with DS9's Defiant. Marcus arrives to mostly hang out on the station and be witty. He's probably a love-him-or-hate-him character. I found him a little irritating at times.

Mostly I liked that the anxiety level on the station was rising. It seemed like it should have been worse last season, what with the Centauri suddenly opting to enslave another member race of the B5 council, the Narn. Everyone allowed it to happen last season and no one seemed all that bothered (other than the Narn). What's odd is that it's suddenly revealed that everyone knew the Shadows were behind the Centrauri's assault on Narn when at the time, I don't think anyone knew. I mean it was revealed that Delenn and Kosh knew and they didn't want to tip their hand too soon, but now they're acting like Sheridan knew all along and has to apologize to G'Kar for it, but I don't think he did. He knew that Morden had something to do with Z'ha'dum and the death of his wife, but he didn't know that Morden and Londo were in cahoots to overthrow the Narn. Did he? They weren't even sure the Shadows were real until Keffer's video showed up at the beginning of this season.

The Nightwatch suddenly turn into Nazis and Zack has to decide where his loyalties lie. I'll be honest, I didn't think that Jeff Conaway would be that good but I find Zack to be a much more compelling character than Garibaldi the few times that he gets something to do. It was a nice turn when Sheridan tricked all the Nightwatch into getting captured and then installed the Narn as the new station security. In your face, Londo!

And of course, Babylon 5 declares independence from Earth. Unlike the Mars situation, Earth doesn't send in a fleet to flatten them. They seemed to pull it off fairly easily. I guess there will be more followup later.

Lyta returns, that's good. Bester returns and goes from villain to unlikely ally. That's sort of predictable but it was enjoyable. We find out that the Shadows are installing telepaths into their spaceships as a cybernetic implant that will shield them against other telepaths. But that works in B5's favor because now they can use good telepaths to pause enemy ships making them easy targets.

"War Without End" two-parter wraps up previous Captain Sinclair's storyline, which is nice considering the behind-the-scenes drama. It's weird that on one hand you've got what seems to be a closed time-loop where everything that happened in the last B4 time-travel episode happens exactly the same but now we see it from the other side, and it seems like nothing is changed; but on the other hand Ivanova is dealing with an alternate timeline in which the B5 crew all gets killed. So which is it, are we changing time or is just a time loop?

I liked the twist when Sheridan goes into the future and we see the dream come true of G'Kar and Londo killing each other but it's not for hate, they are actually old friends (I think) and G'Kar has to kill Londo because he is possessed by an evil force (the Shadows, probably?) and he's doing him a favor.

Franklin deals with his addiction to stims by quitting his job and wandering the underbelly of the station. That could be a whole show, like Kaine in Kung Fu. Hopefully there was a replacement doctor on hand because they are in the middle of the Shadow War and I'm sure the injured are piling up.

So Kosh gives his life force to help Sheridan and then is replaced by another Vorlon who wants to be called Kosh and I think they said the new one will even wear the old Kosh's encounter suit so no one will know he died. But I think the next time we see Kosh he's (she's) still in the new suit. How will this affect future prophecies?

And in the finale Sheridan goes to Z'ha'dum with his ex-wife who was resurrected by the Shadows and turned to their side. He takes a nuke with him planning to suicide himself to destroy their HQ. Will that cripple their war efforts or just cost the B5 side a good Captain? But not to worry, he falls through a hole in the planet and is presumably not dead.

The Shadows tell us their goal is to make sentient beings stronger, I guess, by promoting conflict between them. Whichever species survives will be the strongest. But what is the end game? What then?

Oh, and King Arthur shows up on the station. Will he be a factor later? Wouldn't it be funny if he and the Vorlon Inquisitor had met previously on Earth?

The King Arthur episode was a one off.

Marcus is basically the Sir Galahad of the show.

The Narn being attacked.....remember in WW2 when they had cracked the Enigma code? One of our greatest advantages was getting that code. But we also couldn't let them know we had it so at times sacrifices were made.

That is the case of them knowing about who is behind the Narn attack and not being able to do anything about it. The Shadows would have been alerted and would likely have emerged and struck hard and fast while the good guys werent ready.

Clarke sends two attacks against B5, they repel the first one barely, but receive some welcome help from the second.

War Without End: such a well written time paradox. As to the other reality that was shown to Sinclair in Season 1 and again in this, that reality is what would happen if:

1. At any point in the past Sinclair or any of his ancestors were killed

2. Something goes wrong and B4 was destroyed instead of time warped.

3. Sinclair simply refuses to go back.

While it is essentially a grandfather paraodox and a closed time loop it is a fragile timeloop at this point. While technically B4 was already stolen and sent back and Valen made history, those events still had to be initiated by taking B4 in the here and now.

1. The Rangers are rebuilt in the present all based on Valen's teachings and prophecies from the past.

2. Turns out that all those teachings and prophecies are future knowledge that Sinclair brings with him.

More revelations about Valen and his legacy in Season 4

By the time G'kar and Londo kill each other, they are more like Frenemies and not just enemies. Yes Londo was possessed that is revealed later in the series.

Also I again refer you to the novel trilogy that deals with Centauri and Londo's time as puppet Emperor. Approved by JMS as continuity

The other Vorlon states they are all Kosh but he never changes his suit. Also, he is not as kind as Kosh and the death of Kosh affects all Vorlons. If you thought the Shadows could be vicious......

Sheridan's wife wasn't resurrected as she was not dead. She refused to serve the shadows and was plugged into one of their ships. But that process leaves the body alive and the mind becomes a blank slate. When they realized who she was and pulled her out her mind was wiped and they had to retrain her.....but Sheridan easily saw through it. The Technomage novel trilogy as I recall goes into this.

As to Sheridan not being dead......well......

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