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Subj: Re: Marvel's Flashback Minus Ones Part 4
Posted: Sun Sep 27, 2020 at 12:49:40 pm EDT (Viewed 313 times)
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      Ghost Rider -1 was confusing and, for the most part, I'm familiar with Ghost Rider's history. Dan Ketch's mother is shown to have had a past as the Ghost Rider. Estranged from her family due to drinking and such, she fights the change as she looks in on her family, Johnny Blaze at a carnival and Dan Ketch at a birthday party. It's not a bad story but convolutes the longtime narrative a bit. I guess it fits in with the Flashback theme, though. I love the old-style corner box.

      Dan Ketch's mom is a Ghost Rider? It's a Ketch family legacy? Why not just make her Carter Slade's granddaughter too?

On the one hand, I guess you could say that the bloodline is cursed, that's why they've all been Ghost Riders. On the other hand, it's just too much and unnecessary. As a Spider-Man fan, I've seen how tiresome it gets when everyone in the supporting cast has put on a costume of some sort.

    Generation X -1 also confused me, as I thought that the Dark Beast arrived on 616 Earth at the end of Age Of Apocalypse. Apparently, he had been on "our" Earth for a while and ran into Banshee and Emma Frost when he was a NY cop and she was a teen. The characterization of Emma Frost was very good, as she's the focus of the story as she adjusts to her powers and makes plans for her future. The framing was excellent as it cut right between a scene from the ongoing story.

Didn't Dark Beast and Nate Grey both come through the M'Kraan Crystal? That could probably take them anywhere in space or time. I know Dark Beast showed up right after AOA but I thought they hinted he had been there a while.

That would make sense and I probably missed that aspect of him crossing over. I like the Dark Beast but I feel like they dropped him into the story at full run instead of showing him adapting to the new situation and planning more. Again, it could just be that the issues that showed that didn't leave a big impression on me, though. Sometimes I read my comics right before sleep and the story gets fuzzy.