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Subj: Re: Babylon 5 - Season 4 [OLD Spoilers]
Posted: Tue Oct 06, 2020 at 08:06:50 pm EDT (Viewed 376 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Babylon 5 - Season 4 [OLD Spoilers]
Posted: Mon Oct 05, 2020 at 08:41:16 pm EDT (Viewed 368 times)

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    The Shadows had corrupted Psi Corp over the years and had ties with them. Bester was against the Shadows as they implanted his lover with their tech and was playing the role of spy against the shadows while loyal to the Corps.

But if Bester was against the Shadows then wouldn't he be against Earth and Clark since they were Shadow puppets at that point? But his brainwashing of Garibaldi was for the purpose of handing Sheridan over to Clark so that B5 would lose the war, right?

    Vir told Morden in the last season that he wanted Morden's head on a pike as a warning for ten generations to come about the price of favors and that he would smile and wave at his severed head. Vir got his wish, which was the only unselfish wish voiced to Morden and the Shadows.

I know he said that but to see him actually squeal with glee at a severed head just seemed so unnatural coming from Vir.

    Clarke obtained a lot of shadow tech for experimentation and study and that tech was still on Earth after they had left.

So is it not actually clear if Clark was working for the Shadows or just using their presence to increase his own power?


    Marcus studied Franklin's logs about the machine and he knew the risks. However Ivanova being saved and Marcus dying was not the original plan of JMS, contracts, budgets, she was going to leave the show as I recall, decided to stay then left before Season 5 due to money as I recall.

So they were going to kill her off at the end of the season but decided to save her at the last minute, and she came back for "In the Beginning" but was back out again by the time they started Season 5?

    Also the two main plots were resolved this season as there had been some doubt about getting a 5th.

Makes sense.

    The Vorlons and SHadows purpose was to nurture and train the younger races, but they had lost sight of their purpose after all this time. Sheridan made them realize that the younger races were able to stand on their own and didn't need them any more. Lorien assured them it was okay and the First Ones all leave.

Really, the Vorlons killing off all the younger races would seem to negate their goal of nurturing them. Maybe it was acceptable losses and they weren't going to destroy all planets, maybe just half.

Any planet judged to have been tainted by the Shadows or have Shadow influence still upon them was targeted, eventually they could have attacked Earth.

Bester's main goal was to learn details about a conspiracy against telepaths which led to the business tycoon Garibaldi went to work for. Sheridan being tossed into custody with Garibaldi's help was the businessman's idea so that Clarke would relax a bit and drop his guard and be pushed out of office by the corporations.

If you thought Vir's delight at Mordens' head on a pike was unnatural wait until you see a hilarious scene with him in season 5 \:\)

The Shadows killed President Santiago so Clarke would be President and likely their agent on Earth, when they Shadows left Clark did get nervous about B5 and Sheriden.

Yeah Ivanova left over money matters. BUt the short story that JMS wrote years later gave Marcus a good send off, imo. It was yet another morally grey resolution in that what Marcus does is both right and wrong, which was a main trope of B5.

In Season 5 there are many people that think Sheridan is a hero and others would rather see him shot.

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