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Subj: Re: Masters of the Universe Revelations
Posted: Tue Aug 03, 2021 at 01:18:33 am EDT (Viewed 214 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Masters of the Universe Revelations
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    Well the previous heroes could be wrong, or perhaps the forces of Heaven will understand why Adam left and agree that he can return.

It's a very weird, almost illogical, thing to say. No afterlife that I know of works that way. Leaving might be a problem, but coming back? That always happens.

    Eternia and the universe were in peril without magic.

    Adam's family was aggrieved over his demise

    No new champion had arisen, except maybe for Teela.

    So he had to go back.

No. He really didn't. Honestly, the plot point seemed to just come out of nowhere (because there needs to be a He-Man brand for toys, I guess). The only reason there's no magic is because the sword got split. Adam was irrelevant. Champions die. They're supposed to. *points to the other former Champions in heaven* Adam just misses his life and wants to go back. That's the only reason for it.

    Well the fewer that knew the secret the better. Adam's mother did the math and figured it out but didn't say a thing, which honestly I can understand Randor's fury about that. Teela however was shown in the 2003 series as not having the training to keep her mind from being read and I think that was the case in the original series.

There's no reason for you to explain this. That's not the issue.

I don't even agree with Randor's reaction. It's not any of his business. Period.

    As to her hate of magic, well the constant war with Skeletor over Grayskull, Eternia losing magic and falling into ruin, the loss of Adam/He-man.....her likely feelings for Adam....yeah she is confused and looking for things to blame.

She hates magic because they kept the secret from her. Nothing else. And it makes no sense. She's just being a spoiled brat and throwing a meaningless tantrum. It doesn't fit her character, imo.

Randor's reaction is understandable to me:

1. he is KING, yet such a major secret was kept from him especially by his own Man At Arms, his wife, and his son.

2. His son was risking his life for the realm and the universe time after time, and he never knew.

3. He was always knocking his son for being an idiot and coward when he was secretly the bravest hero of all. Now he cannot tell his son that he is sorry and express pride in his son.

4. His son is dead. The parent has outlived his kid. Truly the worst fear of many a parent.

The KING needs someone to blame.