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Subj: Re: ASM 544 [SPOILERS]
Posted: Thu Sep 06, 2007 at 01:12:44 pm EDT
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Posted: Wed Sep 05, 2007 at 09:19:47 pm EDT (Viewed 8 times)

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> Although the books are a day delayed this week, my store gets a couple of samples early so I went early and got one.
> First, Not enough story (24 pages $3.99) My two problems are so few paages are together.other than the beginning it's apage of story then an advertisement. Marvel might not be able to control that.

Kinda annoying.
> Second (filler) 11 pages of background. Nothing new there as far as I can tell. Anyone who reads the book regularly knows this stuff and it's already been printed in the Marvel handbook to Spiderman. All that stuff is the reason for the $3.99 price.

Appreciated enough recap for those not budgetting in a Marvel handbook but still it would have been nicer if those'd been bonus pages.
> Now the story:
> I thought the focus on paying for May's care was good and the dialogue was believable. My only gripe was the doctor'smention of moving May to the "Charity Care ward" Hospitals have charity care wards?

No idea. OHIP is great.
> The doctor recognizing Peter wasn't any surprise as he has been in the news all the time. His wife still has her redhair andis well known. Certainly if the doctor recognized them others in the hospital would. The doctor also showed them them newspaper with the headline "SpidermanUnmasked"That papermust be months old. What they don't have new papers andmagazinein the waiting room?

It did seem like an convenient way for a quick reveal but being recognized was inevitable so limiting it to the one panel was okay. The more unusual hospital practice was the appearance of the on duty nurse playing solitaire.
> The Iron Man Spidey fight. Well done. Parts of the fight have been shown in that free comic book day issue but here we see the rest.

Years and years of webspinning paid off. For him to created that artistic web retraint while blindly unloading full out was... let's go with 'amazing'.
> Jarvis' arrival was a pleasant surprise.I had forgotten about himandMay developing a relationship.I knew earlier that Stark would foot the bill regardless.

AGREED! That WAS a pleasant surprise. As for Stark's money, I didn't KNOW but expected this sort of request and reaction - it's a NICE read when heroes live up to your expectations!
> I really liked this issue. That said, I have to admit that it's very hard for Marvel writers to disappoint me. The hint in the book was Peter's thinking that he will do whatever it takes to helpMay "even if it means storming the gates of hell itself" Sounds like Mephisto but all the posters here have been indicating Loki.

All the internet speculations and rumours and interviews can be distracting in pivotal scenes. But the guessing game can be fun if you want to play. If ONE MORE DAY does involve rewriting the timeline for the good of Marvel status quo than anyone other than 'God' from Sensational 40 or Uatu doing it seems like a scary prospect.
> Also on future issues of the storyline Dr. Strange is pictured. I don't think Strange is going to want to help Peter. Just recently in World War Hulk he was asked to banish Hulk to another faraway place but he refused saying something like "We created the problemwe have to deal with it."

Blargh and Fiasco's fair arguments against Strange's assistance aside. And assuming Marvel doesn't make Strange a skrull if Pete asks for help. Wouldn't ASM 500 be precident to support the case that Doc WOULD offer heroic and friendly Peter temporal help? Also hope I don't miss Peter, the fugitive, asking Reed, fantastic doctor, for help as he did during CW.

Other comments:

Didn't catch the significance of the narration square design from the first page. Maybe it was artistic license maybe it was eavesdropping from an omnipotent being posing as a bird...

They're pulling out all stops in making May look deathly.

Dr. Fine? Really? 'Fine'?! First thought it a wordplay alias then was reminded of a movie comedy "Paging Dr. Fine... something or other... Dr. Fine". By the end of the issue accepted him as a good, honest person readers can watch thru.

Is it fair to assume that was Tony's standard gold undercoating he was being enveloped with before donning his armor?

How many would've guessed that Spidey would've had IM on the ropes, so to speak, if they heard they would face off? Cloc really should upgrade the Tower's defences. Two minutes and 10 seconds and no countermeasure activated?

I liked how Tony was handled in his dealing with Peter. But when he left it was unclear what Peter was punching into the ground that was going all BZZT BRRZZT... [edit: never mind - it was probably his faceplate]

Good self contained story in many respects!

Hire Jarvis:

> Dr. Fine? Really? 'Fine'?! First thought it a wordplay alias then was reminded of a movie comedy "Paging Dr. Fine... something or other... Dr. Fine".

It's from a Three Stooges short (a true fan could tell you which one): "Paging Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine, Dr. Howard. Paging Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine, Dr. Howard." Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Curly Howard.


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