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Subj: Re: Reveal Norman is a robot and Harry is Still Alive
Posted: Sun Sep 09, 2007 at 04:38:54 pm EDT
Reply Subj: Re: Would resurrecting Harry Osborn be a good idea?
Posted: Sat Sep 08, 2007 at 02:11:56 am EDT

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> So from what we can tell, Marvel's currently in the process of bringing Spider-Man and his world "back to basics" with "One More Day" and the upcoming "Brand New Day" storyline. While we aren't quite positive yet, it's highly likely that there will be a cosmic reset of some sort, giving Spidey his secret identity back and possibly getting rid of the marriage. Aunt May will, likely, also be left alive when all is said and done.
> I recall a recent interview where Joe Quesada and JMS were complaining about certain aspects of Spider-Man and what has been done to him over the years, one of those things being that most of his supporting cast has either been written out or killed off. One of the specific complaints was that "Peter has no friends left" and there was some minor bitching about Harry Osborn not being around anymore, thus Peter has no best friend.
> Now, I know that Norman Osborn was brought back (much to the dismay of many long-time fans, although I don't mind it), and while there have been some hints in a few storylines over the last decade that Harry Osborn is also still alive, it has always been a red herring and no legitimate attempt at bringing back Harry has ever been undergone by Spider-Man's writers since Norman's return (and yes I know that Harry was going to be the mastermind behind the clone saga and Bob Harras decided it should be Norman; that's beside the point). And face it, Norman Osborn will never be killed off again, ever, despite how much this may anger some people. It's just something we all have to live with.
> I personally feel that, despite Norman being around, bringing Harry Osborn back would probably be a good move in the long-term, and imagine what a kickass story the return would be. Yeah, I know it would suck to ruin Spectacular Spider-Man #200, a brilliant story by J.M. DeMatteis chronicling the death of Harry Osborn, but let's face it; the best DeMatteis story ever, Amazing Spider-Man #400, was ruined years ago and Aunt May is likely never going to be killed off again. On the other hand, I have a feeling that "Kraven's Last Hunt" will never be undone, especially since Kraven's son is running around, so at least DeMatteis can still have that one.
> The primary reason I think that bringing Harry back would be a good idea, is because it would fundamentally change Norman and Peter's relationship. Think about it; since Harry's death and Norman's return, each has blamed the other for Harry's death. Now, if Harry were alive and in hiding, unbeknownst to each of them, only to finally reveal himself as a new threat, imagine the reactions from Norman and Peter. Plus, Harry could finally be given the spotlight as an evil, conniving bastard that can finally step out of his father's shadow and become a genuine threat to not only Peter Parker, but also to Norman Osborn. Really, the inevitable Green Goblin vs. Green Goblin fight would be amazing, especially with Spidey caught in the middle not knowing who to help (or even if he should help either of them at all).
> And hey, if they choose not to have Harry be evil, at least Peter finally gets his best friend back and he can remain a long-term supporting cast member once again.
> So, any opinions?

Very valid points, one and all. I too was a supporter of Norman's return, and have generally liked his appearances in recent years (with a few exceptions - *cough* gathering of five *cough*). With regards to Harry, however, I feel that his effectiveness as a character has always been because of his inherent flaws: his drug abuse, his inability to stand up to his father, and his general inferiority complex. That said, I think he should remain deceased. His was a tragic life, and his death greatly impacted both Peter and Norman. He being dead is a constant reminder to both of them of their inability to save him, and is a defining factor in their mutual loathing of one another. Also, with a few exceptions, I really don't like resurrection stories and feel that the only way to bring Harry back would be to prove that he's been alive and in hiding all these years, which really wouldn't be his style. As to the best friend angle, I really liked the way Paul Jenkins wrote Randy Robertson a few years back, and think that he could again be an effective male counterpart to Peter if written correctly. That, or he could hang out with the Human Torch more...I always enjoy stories where they're together.


I think they should do a retcon that reveals that Norman Osborn never really came back to life, but that instead he was a robot all along created by Harry to torment Spider-Man. Other characters such as the Gwen Stacy clone and the children of Gwen should also be revealed to be robots as well.

I would actually like to see Harry return as part of a huge retcon where everything done by JMS is revealed to just have been one big lie created by Harry Osborn and a secret villain to mess with Spiderman. Harry under the tutelage of a unknown villain did all this to destroy Spider-Man. The unknown villain though has personal reason for getting Spider-Man and is manipulating Spider-Man for his own benefit. Harry also had Mary Jane and Aunt May brainwashed to get Peter to unmask.

I could even see Spider-Man's DNA being a major reason why Spider-Man was led to believe in the whole Spider God mumbo jumbo. Someone has Spider-Man so brainwashed, Spidey does not even realize this someone is experimenting on Spider-Man.

This would so freaking amazing.

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