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Subj: Why did Warren want to take over the city? Well...
Posted: Tue Sep 11, 2007 at 10:47:18 am EDT
Reply Subj: Re: Which villain is the most ridiculously successful against Spidey?
Posted: Mon Sep 10, 2007 at 10:45:39 pm EDT

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> I thought the Jackal had the same strength-enhancing harness that he built for the Grizzly. It was never stated as such, but it made sense. He did mention in Amazing 149 that he built special weaponry to use as the Jackal; it had to have been more than the clawed gloves.

I don't remember the exact wording in ASM #149, so I don't know whether he used a term that could refer to multiple weapons; if he did, then it could've included the exoskeleton. Yes, it would've made sense for him to have worn an exoskeleton similar to that which he made for the Grizzly, but I think if he'd done so he would've mentioned it at some point. When he described his origin, he specifically mentioned having created the claws and having undergone "athletic training," but not using an exoskeleton (though obviously he created one for the Grizzly). If he'd worn an exoskeleton, too, I think he would've mentioned that. Unfortunately, because of his total domination of Spidey, to the point where Spidey couldn't even hit him once, we don't know whether he had the same sort of invulnerability to injury that the exoskeleton gave the Grizzly. (I also wonder how, given that his aptitude was in biochemistry and not engineering, he was able to devise the Grizzly's exoskeleton. It probably been more realistic for Professor Warren to have created a strength-enhancing potion. Then again, how many 15-year-olds are capable of inventing webbing and the webshooters with which to spin it? \:\) )

> And if he didn't, why the heck wouldn't he?

Possibly he wanted only those abilities or weapons which were consistent with those of a Jackal. As he put it in ASM #149, "A Jackal has shiny claws." But a jackal doesn't have superhuman strength, the way a grizzly bear does. A lot of supervillains (assuming for the sake of argument the Jackal counts as one) could be more deadly than they are if they used additionally, readily available means. For example, the Vulture could wear metallic talons. (The third Vulture, who appeared around ASM #127-28, had natural talons.) Doctor Octopus could carry a machine gun. As I recall, Doctor Doom's own armor is strength-enhancing, but he created a much more powerful exoskeleton for some other supervillain to wear.

Most of the time, when the Jackal beat Spidey in the '70s, it was because his status as Spidey's "friend" enabled him to evade Spidey's Spider-Sense, so that he was able to sneak up on him and strike the first blow with his either electrically-charged or drugged claws. As I've noted in a more recent thread, it never made sense that he wouldn't trigger Spidey's Spider-Sense.

Interestingly enough, the Jackal was originally written, in his first appearances in ASM #129-30, significantly different from how he turned out later. Then, he thinks about how killing Spidey is just the first step in taking over the city. It's only later on that it turns out Spidey's death is the only end he seeks. I wonder if Gerry Conway changed his mind midway about how he wanted to use the Jackal.

I'm aware that the Jackal came back in the '90s. Was he as dominant of Spidey then as well?

> I'm aware that the Jackal came back in the '90s. Was he as dominant of Spidey then as well?

By that point, Warren had mutated his body to actually more resemble a Jackal, so the point gets moot by then. Your point of Jackal wanting to take over the city is also brought up when Warren comes back because he tries to make a genetic bomb to blow people down to their primordial soup for him to genetically tamper with mankind. Also, there's a lot of nancy-pancy stuff which no sense about the High Evolutionary and I tend to ignore everything about it now anyway.

But the 'retcon' of Jackal wanting to blow mankind sky-high for his own genetic experimentation kind of covers your correct query of why Warren wanted to take over the city in the first place. Now that doesn't negate your original point - did Conway plan the Jackal to be Miles Warren all along and if he did, why did he include this line with Jackal's first appearance if all Jackal was bothered about was Gwen Stacy?

(My theory is that it wasn't planned, because Conway only later brought Gwen's clone into it because Stan Lee complained about the death of Gwen. So that last moment retcon of Gwen 'returning' probably needed some kind of rationale and the Jackal probably fit as the character most likely to pull it off)

-Jeremiah Ecks,
who wonders what powers the current Jackal has...

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