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Subj: Re: Would resurrecting Harry Osborn be a good idea?
Posted: Tue Sep 11, 2007 at 11:45:36 am EDT
Reply Subj: Re: Would resurrecting Harry Osborn be a good idea?
Posted: Tue Sep 11, 2007 at 04:30:34 am EDT

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> > No, I'm saying the fact HE DID NOT DEAL with it was bad ! ;->
> Well, yeah, it was bad.
> >
> > What did prevent Jenkins from using Flash during the 4 other parts of the Dock Ock arc ?
> > What did prevent Jenkins from using Flash during the 3 parts Lizard arc ?
> He didn't feel like it? Once again, he's writing it the way he feels is best. If he wants to build it slowly, that's his thing. You may not agree with that, and that's fine.

If he doesn't build it at all, then it becomes a matter of concern.
> > Wasn't it a best choice for Jenkins to use Flash in Spectacular Spider-Man 14 rather than the guy we see in a wheelchair here ? (And Spidey's in it !)
> Eh, I can't really say it would have been a better choice. I thought Joey's perspective provided for a better story than Flash's would have, and it makes the moment at the end where Spidey takes off his mask more powerful.

A variation on "The Kid Who Collected Spider-Man" (for which Roger Stern only needed half an issue).

> > Was spidey playing poker a "more important thing" than Flash's condition ?
> Yeah? It was a great story.

If you say so, dear. (All filler, no plot might be another description).
It was also an interruption, just as the intervention of "Sins Remembered" was (only it was a little shorter).
> > Was an issue adressing Mindworm's condition prevailed over Flash's ?
> Once again...he's telling it like he sees fit.

And so he is not exempt from criticism for making that choice.
> > How did Jenkins managed to not adress Flash's condition during his last story; as it's maybe the most important event of all his run; while he even had space to adress a piece of cheese' condition ? *rhe* (And about all the other characters he used during his run)
> Because that's not what that story was about.

> Besides, I wouldn't call Flash's condition the most important event of his entire run.

Moving the goalposts. You did not have to consider it the most important event of Jenkins' run (come to think of it, what was the most important event of his run?) to see that it required being addressed.

> > And, most of all : Why, by the power of the eye of Agamotto, is he able to use Flash for about 9 issues, and not continuing it for the following 11's ?
> You make it sound like those eleven issues were consecutive. Which they weren't, and they sometimes came out with over half year of separation between them.

And you seem to pretend that the festering of the abandoned Flash subplot was made less of a problem because the issues were not consecutive, when it was actually aggravated because the time since Flash's condition had last been addressed was made even longer by stories being interposed.

Ehm...no offense to either of you guys, but I kinda feel we can't really take the debate any further and will just continue retreading old ground. I think we've all said our pieces in this, and though we haven't come to an understanding, I hope that we can appreciate the other's efforts to talk about it openly and civilly. So with that out of the way, I kinda feel it'd be best to just respectfully bow out of this one, if no one minds.

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