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Subj: It's happened to me!
Posted: Thu Jan 10, 2008 at 01:34:02 pm EST
Reply Subj: Re: I didn't like it. [SPOILERS]
Posted: Thu Jan 10, 2008 at 01:19:30 pm EST (Viewed 1 times)

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> > > I didn't buy 546, but a buddy of mine owns a comicbook store, he lets me read in advance certain issues before i actually buy them.  I read BND, and i dunno what everybody is gushing about "great art"?  Ok, Mcniven's art is passable, but his renditions of Peter and practicaly evrybody all look like dolls.  i mean, the eyes look so, ummm, i can't describe it.  The art from the preview pages looked awesome, to be fair.  But when i saw the entire issue, forget about it.  It got old real fast.  That whoelscene when Peter refused to change into spidey just so the Bugle will not sell???  Errr...he thinks waaaaayyy too much of himself. > >

Actually, Spidey's effects on the Bugle's sales has been mentioned many times throughout years past.

>Well, that's not really the point i am making here. Whether it is true or not is of no moment.  What strikes me as Peter being full of himself is, he actually THINKS that Bugle sales will pick up just because he is in it. 

It does. That was the point. He has known this. It has been pointed out to him in the past. It has been discussed by characters with and without him in their presence.

>It's like, if one looks like Brad Pitt, he is obviously good looking, and can probably get any girl, that is ok.  But if he actually THINKS he can get any girl, then he is so full of it.

Naw. Peter is desperate for money and angry with JJJ. He went off. This has happened numerous times over the years, though the supporting cast has been discarded over the past 10 years and so some may not know this.

>And actually not changing to Spidey just to avoid being photographed for the Bugle?????  Sense of responsibility????  Wah? And, actually not changing to spidey???? Errrr, sense of responsibility?

He chased after the guy and would have taken him out there if the female hadn't stepped into the middle of the confrontation.

>>>It was an absurd issue, and it insults its readers if they think that just by littering the issue with sexy chick is enough to make it sell. 

> > I didn't feel insulted, nor did I feel that it was littered with with sexy chicks.

>Good for you.

Pretty good, yep. Not much of a response though.

> > >I find it funny that there are actually guys here that think that Peter married to MJ is "unrealistic" because supposedly she is a model.  Well??? All girls in that issue look like models.  And a girl actually makes out with Peter just to be in the "click"?  What?  Absurd!!!

> > Again, her motivations seemed pretty believable to me. Metropolitan nightlife and a young, attractive woman wanting to get into a click, behaving in a manner to get attention or become part of a crowd. I lived in NYC for 4 years and saw that behavior on occassion by members of both genders.

>Sigh.  I do not subscribe to this idea.  it's like saying that girls are basically sluts.  Oh, wait, just in NYC, according to you (so, those from NYC, do not blame me).

Did you miss "of both genders" or are you simply trying to provoke a fight? NYC is infected with many people trying to get ahead in various areas of life, industry, entertainment. Many of those people are willing to compromise themselves to do so. That is a fact whether you believe it or not.

>And again, this is not the point.  The point is, wow, this happened to Peter, someone who is supposed to be an average looking, common, everyday man.  Realistic?  Only in comics.

No.... she was trying to use him. That happens in real life.

> > My only gripe with the issue was that I was struck a few times by some statements made from characters that struck me as swiped from back issues. It actually distracted me from the story. I can live with it, since mischaracterizations and character interactions have been much worse and much more often over the past decade.
> Mischaracterization??? In 20 years, i have never seen Peter refuse to change to Spidey for the stupid reason of not wanting JJJ sell issues of the Bugle. That is so way out of character.

Peter has refused to change to Spidey because it interfered with his personal life or he was angry at others. This has occurred multiple times with him going through a "Spider-Man No More" period. Repeatedly.

Maybe you don't know the character as well as you believe you do.

> > > I'm looking forward to the next issue.
> I am too, not to buy, but to read for free and make fun of with my friend. hehe

Wow. Why not simply read something that brings you enjoyment? This appears to only make you angry and provocative.

> >And again, this is not the point.  The point is, wow, this happened to Peter, someone who is supposed to be an average looking, common, everyday man.  Realistic?  Only in comics.
> No.... she was trying to use him. That happens in real life.

I'm an average guy and have been used MANY a times by beautiful women. I knew why they were doing it but I didn't let it ruin my fun! ;\)

I'd never run to the nearest bathroom though to hide from them

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