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Subj: He's entitled ot his opinion
Posted: Thu Jan 10, 2008 at 06:59:17 pm EST
Reply Subj: Ed Brubaker's thoughts on OMD/BND
Posted: Thu Jan 10, 2008 at 05:25:13 pm EST (Viewed 1 times)

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He makes some really good points.

"I've said this to a bunch of fans at this point, so I'll repeat it again... I don't care how they get there, the Brand New Day Spider-man is something that's been needed for a long long time. Marrying Peter and MJ was a huge mistake and not even the people who wrote the books back then thought it was a good idea, they were just forced to do it by Shooter.

And every single creative team since then has wished it never happened, but just sort of rolled with it, because getting rid of it was not easy. They didn't all try to get rid of the marriage, but you would be hard-pressed to find anyone who wrote Spider man that wouldn't have rather written the pre-marriage version of the character. And regardless of what Erik Larsen is apparently saying on newsarama, I have spoken to all the Spiderman writers of BND, and they are all completely thrilled about what they have to work with now.

The thing is, after years and years of the marriage, changing it is just a HUGE DEAL, and was never going to be a popular thing even if in the end we get a more "Spiderman" book out of it. Because it had years of continuity now, and getting rid of that in any way is going to anger fans.

Look at the Clone storyline, that was all started to get rid of the marriage somehow, but it was terrible, and it didn't stick.

It's not that a story about a married couple can't be interesting, it's that Peter Parker shouldn't be that guy. It takes him too far from the basic idea of what being Spiderman is about.

A true Spiderman story, to me, is Peter and MJ about to get married, and him having to leave her at the alter because of some Spiderman thing, and it being a huge tragedy that being Spidey cost him his chance at a happy married life. That's the burden of being Spiderman, and since the marriage happened, it's been one thing after another removing the burden and responsibility from Spiderman.

I'm personally really excited about the new stuff, but then I've been very vocal in the past about not liking the marriage because as a life-long Spiderman reader up to that point, it just felt forced and wrong."

I don't agree with it and I don't give it anymore clout than the next guys. I'm sure he could write a single Peter Parker better than I ever could a married Peter Parker too.

If Peter Parker wasn't ever suppose to age he would've been left in High School or never been allowed to graduate college at the very least.

I've heard the argument that Stan and Steve aged him quickly because they didn't expect the series to last that long. Who writes something expecting it to get cancelled? Why would he think it would get cancelled if the whole reason they got an Amazing Spider-Man was the popularity of Amazing Fantasy 15?

Everything since the beginning of the series has been progressing Spider-Man through life. Some will argue at some point you have to stop or the character ages to much. Why? I mean the average age of the comic reader is larger. So you try to make him younger for another group of readers? Again I'm wondering why? I thought creating new titles like Ultimate and Marvel Adventures were for that. People want their kids to read about the character they grew up with and not some new age version? Okay so grab those back issues out or lets see Marvel release some tpbs collecting classic stories.


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