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Subj: He returned? I didn't see Spidey anywhere in the issue...txt [SPOILERS]
Posted: Thu Jan 10, 2008 at 10:31:47 pm EST
Reply Subj: Spider-Man returns. May the marriage RIP. [SPOILERS]
Posted: Thu Jan 10, 2008 at 12:28:24 pm EST

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I couldn't believe how much positive, creative energy was in this issue. Knocking out the stability of marriage creates a sort of manic electricity to the Parker character.

I read a review that said, in effect, "isn't it sort of pathetic for a 34-year-old to be behaving this way."

Ha. Listen and Believe.

Peter Parker ain't 34. I don't care what "continuity" you want to cite or how many back issues you have. He is in his early 20s. Whatever you have to tell yourself to accept this, get it over with.

IMO, This issue of Spider-Man was the best issue of this comic in years. Not because of the unfolding plot, but because the character felt fresh and exciting instead of stodgy and stable. Sorry, but that improvement was a direct result of the lack of marriage.

It was fresh, because I didn't know where he'd be or what he'd be doing at the end of the issue. It was fresh because I knew that, mostly, he would have to rely upon himself to find answers to the craziness.
It was fresh because I don't know which female character he may begin a relationship with and what that might be like. It was fresh because he has essentially been deaged and returned to a time when it is okay for him to be trying to establish who he is, rather than for him to be an established, responsible family man.

Here's a portion of a review from


"I suppose it's more in keeping with the tone of the classic Spider-Man stories for Peter to have all these troubles, but it's horribly frustrating to me. It reminds me a bit of all those sit-coms and teenaged melodramas where two characters hate each other for the sake of plot contrivance. If Peter is destined to always lose no matter how hard he fights, I don't want to read it. I can go pound my head into the wall, instead.

But here's the thing: It's too soon to lodge that complaint."

Something, I think, has been lost in the constant flow of Internet commentary: the ability to read the comic as a reader and NOT a reactionary reviewer who wants to treat each issue as though it were a novel or as if they are a creator.

Most comics are better judged by arcs or in sets...as many criticisms shouldn't be leveled on the basis of one issue. The reviewer falls prey to this and then basically admits it.

This comic succeeds on the simple principal of engaging me as a reader who wants to laugh, shake my head, root for my hero, and above all not know what is coming in the next act.

Just thoughts.


He's not out actively searching for a job. He's more of a deadbeat than a superhero. He took 3 months off because of Civil War? Wow, think we did this story in "Spider-man... no more".

All of this is starting to become rehashed plots. We've had the Bugle coming under fire of a corporate take over. We've had the many love interests. We've had "new, cooler" villains.

Then, the ending...so, JJJ has a heart attack? And Pete says it's all his fault! So, he is responsible for the ill of another person? Where's Mephisto to reset continuity back 10 minutes so Peter won't yell and cause the cardiac infarction?

Then, the backup with Harry...so, he to is now a douche? Divorced 3 times? Ya, really have no love for him either...

The good? I'm still saving money from not buying any of this rehashed junk and another 14 people (over 40 so far) have dropped ASM from their pulls \:\)

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