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Subj: Re: If it was needed for a long time, why didn't anyone tell JMS?
Posted: Fri Jan 11, 2008 at 12:02:12 am EST
Reply Subj: Re: If it was needed for a long time, why didn't anyone tell JMS?
Posted: Thu Jan 10, 2008 at 11:37:09 pm EST

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> > Hey, Bru's entitled to his point of view. He's a great writer and some of what he says I agree with. But if everyone at Marvel knew that the marriage had to go and the EIC was the main advocate of that point of view, then why in the world did JMS, if anything, strengthen the marriage and the family theme?
> So Mary Jane would be in place to make the deal. Quesada and others have said several times that everything in JMS's run helped to set up One More Day.

I do know that plotline are often planned out years in advance at editorial and creator summits and Quesada has been quoted as stating that readers will see everything come together in this final story. Still, despite my problems with the overall quality of JMS'run, the marital relationship grew stronger. I'm sure the feeling Marvel wanted to feel was some sort of extreme sadness and tragedy when the deal was made, but all I felt was that I was looking at two stupid characters who didn't deserve my sympathy.
> >Why didn't Quesada yell "Stop Joe! Your killing Spider-man". But he didn't. Well, maybe on Newsarama and conventions he whined and complained about how he was trapped in a no-win situation. Sales increased though. Quesada ranted and raved about how JMS's run will go down in history. Then on JMS's way out Quesada states "Thanks Joe, great run and all but we really think we need a complete change in philosophy and, by the way, we're changing your script". Talk about being forced to do something by your EIC...
> >
> > I say all of this as someone who was never a fan of JMS's work.
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> > So Bru may not care how it happened, but I think maybe he should. Make sure your ideas and scripts are in line with what the Q-Man wants
> OR you could just write the story you agree to write when your among all the other parties involved. JMS decided to write what he wanted after agreeing to write it a differant way. If he had issues with it, there was a time and place to bring those issues up. JMS's last minute change of plot would have screwed over every single other creator involved in the planning of the next year's worth of stories. I think that is VERY selfish and i don't see how Quesada and Marvel can be blamed for JMS lying.

I do think there's a lot of the story we are not hearing. I'm sure one day we'll get the scoop and I for one am really looking forward to reading it.

> I see this being portrayed as Marvel Stepping in and rewriting JMS's ending. JMS was in on the planning of the entire story! He could have raised his issues at any time! He agreed to all of it and the other writers went off to work. Then he decided he didn't like certain aspects of it and threw out the entire plot. He Lied and attempted to screw everyone over on a book that he was leaving. No one even knew what he was writing until Quesada was halfway through drawing part three. Straczynski was clearly in the wrong by doing this.

I do believe he was wrong in certain respects but from what I've read I've earned a newfound respect for the man.

> I do believe he was wrong in certain respects but from what I've read I've earned a newfound respect for the man.

A question, just out of general curiosity: if JMS had gone ahead with his planned way of undoing the marriage, where he would retcon things way back during Amazing #ninetysomething in such a way that it would undo the death of Harry, Gwen, Peter's relationship with Felicia, with MJ, the marriage and everything that's happened since 1971, would you still say you have this newfound respect for him?

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